Why Doesn’t Online Live Baccarat Always Qualify for Bonus?

One of the most played table games at online casinos is baccarat. It combines simplicity with a high return on player (RTP).

Yet, you should be aware that baccarat is not always eligible for bonuses if you choose to play it online. Some gaming websites don’t consider baccarat play toward bonus offers.

If you enjoy playing mobile baccarat. You might be curious about why it doesn’t always count toward bonuses. The reasons behind this situation are explained in this article. Along with tips on how to make sure that you always receive baccarat bonuses.

High RTP

Usually you want the payback percentage of a casino game to be as high as possible. After all, a high RTP increases your chances of making money. But, in this case, the high RTP of baccarat is a double-edged sword.

When you bet on the banker hand winning, it offers 98.94% RTP. In case of payout, the banker bet is better to both the player bet (98.76%) and the tie bet (95.15% or 85.64%).

Some online casinos choose not to offer bonus for games with better odds. Instead, they focus on promotions of video slots and other games with lower payouts.

Simple Baccarat Strategy

Blackjack and baccarat both have high RTP. But you only need to learn advanced strategies for the latter.

So, baccarat strategy is very simple to learn. To play, you only need to bet on the banker hand.

Of course, not every player is aware that betting on the banker increases their odds of winning. But after spending about two minutes studying baccarat skills, they get this.

Compared to blackjack, far more people are aware of the best ways to play real money baccarat. In certain casinos, baccarat is not eligible for casino bonuses while blackjack is.

Most Table Games Are restricted

Some mobile casinos restrict bonuses for any table games. These limitations drive players to play slots and other games with lower RTPs.

For example, players who play online slots, keno, and scratch cards. They always qualify for bonus offers. They are some of the less lucrative games offered by online casinos.

In the meanwhile, some or all table games may be restricted. What includes in the bonus restrictions list are below:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Caribbean stud
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Pai Gow Poker

Knowing If Baccarat Is Eligible for Bonuses

Not all mobile casinos agree that baccarat bonuses need to be restricted. There are many gaming websites that provide these discounts.

Before thinking that baccarat is eligible for a specific casino’s bonuses. You should, of course, confirm that it is.

Visit the terms and conditions page of a casino to learn this information. You should be able to access the terms and conditions option on the homepage. When using a smartphone to play. You can access the terms by clicking the link at the bottom of the homepage if you’re using a PC or Mac to play.

The perks must be your main concern once you reach the terms and conditions area. Any games that are excluded from offers is cover in the bonus terms.

As an alternative, you can speak with customer care and ask about the situation. When trying to contact help as soon as possible, live chat works best.

I prefer to check the terms and conditions myself by going there. Yet, if you don’t feel like reading the long terms, another choice is live support.

Playthrough in Baccarat Is High

Learning that the casino you like offers baccarat bonuses may make you feel relieved. You should be aware that heavy playthrough (rollover) limits follow such deals.

As you may already be aware, the term “playthrough” describes the small deposit. And bet needed to qualify for a casino bonus. Compared to slots, baccarat often draws very high roller players.

The large RTP of baccarat is the cause for this. When compared to typical slots, this game pays out more. As a result, earning baccarat bonuses is more difficult while playing at mobile casinos.

Baccarat deals need a rollover of 60x to 200x. But, slot machine bonuses only need a 30x to 50x rollover.

Because of the high rollover, you shouldn’t ignore blackjack bonuses. These actions could end up resulting in greater financial gains than using slots. Being aware of the higher level is important, though.


Baccarat may not be included in bonus offers at online casinos for a variety of reasons. These factors include baccarat’s high RTP, simple method, and status as a table game.

Of the latter, baccarat is not the only table game excluded from bonus eligibility. Many more games, including blackjack and roulette. They might also be grouped under this heading.

If you enjoy playing baccarat. You should choose a mobile casino that offers baccarat bonuses. There are many of these game websites.

These online casinos for real money will offer welcome and reload bonuses for baccarat. They might even provide no-deposit deals and loyalty bonuses.

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