Why Do Live Online Casinos Use TLS Encryption?

If you play poker games online a lot, you should be familiar with online security. I’m not saying you need to be an expert in cybersecurity. But being aware of the basics is enough to protect your private and financial data.

If you’ve been gambling for a while. You’ve likely noticed the term SSL encryption thrown around on online casinos. Also in sports betting sites. But do you know what it does and how it increases platform security? Have you heard about TLS encryption, the new generation of secure protocols? Are you keen to learn what they do exactly and why they’re the next-best thing in secure protocols?

In this article, we will discuss over the basics of SSL and TLS encryption. And explain how they work to make online casinos safer.

How Does SSL Encryption Maintain the Security of Online Casinos?

For all online gamblers, security is of the highest priority. They consider it first before deciding to sign up for a particular online casino. SSL (secure socket layer) tech has become one of the top security standards in recent years.

If an online casino use SSL. It signifies that they aren’t engaging in any suspicious practices. They are serious about protecting users’ personal and financial information.

Even though SSL technology was created back in 1995, it is still vital today. We’re talking about a safe protocol that links web browsers and servers. Encrypting data sent between them and enabling secure data transfer.

In other words, SSL technology protects digital transactions from cyberattacks. Because of its “handshake” mechanisms.

Here is an example of the SSL technology in use:

  • A player logs in to a secure online casino that uses SSL certificates.
  • The browser used by the gambler requests identity from the webserver
  • A copy of the server’s SSL certificate is transmitted.
  • To assess whether the webserver is trustworthy. The gambler’s browser checks the certificate.

They create a digital approval to set up an encrypted connection if everything is in order.

All information sent between the webserver and the gambler’s browser is secured in this connection.

What is TLS Encryption?

TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security. It is the most recent version of SSL encryption. And offers more powerful methods of protecting the data involved in digital transactions. This increases its security and makes it immune to a wider range of threats. For almost a decade, SSL was the industry standard for web security. But TLS gained center stage in 2015 and replaced it as the new norm.

TLS is built on the SSL foundation. But it enables faster user, site, and server interactions, minimizes confirmation mistakes. And has a stronger encryption mechanism.

Even though it is in principle correct. Many websites, including those that accept real money online. They still display an SSL certificate on their pages. Even if TLS are used to secure website interactions. This may appear false to many individuals. But note that the SSL certificate is still a sign of security. Especially when it comes to electronic transactions. Like deposits and withdrawals from gambling sites.

Encryption on online casinos using TLS vs. SSL

Nowadays, TLS and SSL are being used in combination by an increasing number of online casinos. They both perform the same task. But TLS is far more adaptable and provides better security. TLS encryption is the right choice if you think about the state of the digital security business. Because it still has a ton of space for growth. The last version, SSL 3.0, was no longer needed in 2015.

TLS is, in basic terms, an improved and more secure version of SSL. The tech makes sure that no outsiders are watching your online casino transactions. And gaining access to your banking and personal information.

TLS technology avoids a variety of cyberattacks by creating a secure connection. Between your browser and the server. Which is vital for both players and real-money online casinos.


Average players don’t need to be aware of the complex differences between SSL and TLS. You only need to be aware of their existence to assure secure transactions.

Checking to see if an online casino has TLS encryption certificates should be your top priority. If you want to sign up but are unsure of its security.

You can continue your analysis (looking at the games that are available, the supported payment methods, the level of the customer service, etc.) if they are there. Proceed with caution if the platform isn’t TLS-secured.

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