Who Plays Strip Poker? How to Organise a Strip Poker Game with Friends

Strip poker is about surprises – stripping means unfolding surprises at every point of the game. Strip poker is a little different in concept to the other games since the idea of this game is never to beat your opponents. You need to retain as many of your own clothes as you can while you keep on stripping your opponent.

Strip poker is a great fun game for friends to indulge in. It is a high stake game and the naughtiest version of the original poker game. What makes it a zing is the fact that here you bet on clothing items rather than on anything else. It was initially introduced as a game for couples or open minded adults.

Here the punishment for losing is stripping off clothes. Consenting adults and a fun group of friends are a perfect thing for this game. Players bet on the clothing items and the final idea of the gameplay is to keep as much clothes on as possible. If you strip off a clothing item you simply cannot put back the item until you win a round.

How to Play the Strip Poker Game?

The strip poker game starts just as the other types of poker games. Here is how you can start with the game

The dealer starts the game by dealing each player a card

Now each player will go around the table and look out for exchanging one or more cards from the deck of cards

Now the dealer deals another card. After this, a round of betting or calling happens in the game

Unless even one player forfeits or folds, the dealer deals five cards to each player.

The next step is to unanimously agree on a betting value through the process of calling, betting and exchanging. In each round, the players can additionally bet on clothing items. Losing the bet will lead to that player stripping off the clothing piece that had the bet placed on. This is the real spicy zing in the strip poker game.

When it is time for the card show, the player with the highest value of card at hand wins the game and can retain all their clothing pieces intact. While the one who loses has to discard all the clothing items.

The game practically ends, when all the players have already lost most of their clothing items and are wearing their underwear.

The rules are pretty similar to the other poker versions.

The longer the game continues, the better it gets. So, in case it is about to end too quickly you can keep on adding various elements in the game like introducing truth or dare in the game. The winner can keep on asking questions and the loser will get to play the truth or dare game. This is how the game gets better and even more fun.

How to Organize the Perfect Strip Poker Game for Your Friends?

Strip poker is a game that is essentially played among adult friends. It is an extremely fun adult party game and is a must when friends are together in a mood for some naughty zing. It is a great component for bachelorette and couple parties. It is even ideal for college friends’ parties.

If you have an appropriate friend’s group and you are running out of ideas for parties, strip poker is perhaps an ideal one to get started. Before you set up the game, it is essential to understand that the game may be intimidating in the beginning. So, you need to crucially be with a group that is comfortable with the game.

A group of 4 to 6 people is ideal for the game play. The set up is as usual as the normal poker games. An even number of guys and girls usually serves as a great group for the game. Either play the Five Cards Draw or the Texas Hold’em game version.

It is vital to keep the atmosphere really friendly and comfortable. This is to ensure everyone is fine while playing and no one gets uncomfortable. Define the rules beforehand so that no one is practically confused with how things will move forward. This also ensures that only the people who are really interested participate in the game.

Also, the undressing should not be levied only on one single player – it should come on everyone. Never force any player beyond a certain point. It should be a fun and free will game.

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