What is hoot loot slot online?

Hoot is an alluring online slot game for those who enjoy animal-themed games. The name of the game comes from its basic focus on owls and their songs. As well as how these night creatures enjoy themselves. You may play this Microgaming online slot on your tablet or smartphone since it is made for mobile as well.

Hoot loot slot machine overview

An owl’s preferred time to hunt is at night, and this is when Hoot Loot takes place in a forest. A hollow log lies beneath the reels. While the background is composed of evergreen trees, a crescent moon, and a night sky. The comical setting blends in with the symbols that you’ll see on the reels.

The fast-paced music that plays as you spin the reels complements the playful theme of this game. A ton of sound effects are also audible when winnings are paid out. The eagle circling its nest, the porcupine flipping over and making a snapping sound, birds singing, and a winning Hoot Line formation are among the sound effects.

The animations that appear when you win payments are Hoot online slot’s best features. The following animations play when a player wins:

  • A fox chasing after a bird until it becomes lightheaded
  • A bear digging through a pot of honey and shooing away bees
  • An eagle soaring over its nest
  • A porcupine rolling around in the grass and flipping over,
  • An owl peering its head out of the Hoot Loot icon.

Every time you create a Hoot Loot bonus win, you’ll watch more animations. Among these are the owls that shout “You’re a big winner” and grab a cane to dance on the reels.

Hoot loot Slot Online Paytable

The following are the Hoot loot Slot online Paytable:

Wild Hoot slot Icon

Except for the bonus sign, everything can be replaced with the wild game symbol. Additionally, the icon awards 20,000 credits for five symbols, 500 for four, 100 for three, and 20 for two. As you can see, there is a huge top prize available in this game.

Hoot’s Secure Bonus

The safe is a scatter reward that only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. It offers 5x to 25x your triggering stake.


500 credits are paid by the eagle for five symbols, 200 for four, 50 for three, and 5 for two.


500 credits are available from the bear for five symbols, 200 for four, 25 for three, and two for two.

Bird and Moose

These two partners pay 100 credits for four symbols, 25 credits for three, and 500 credits for five.


Five symbols get 500 credits, four pay 100, and three pay 20.

The Porcupine

The porcupine gives out 500 credits for five symbols, 50 for four, and 20 for three.

Paw prints and eagle eggs

The same credits are awarded for five symbols, twenty for four, and ten for three of these two symbols.

Strawberries, Mushrooms, and Leaves

These three symbols pay out 100 credits for five, 20 for four and 10 for three.

Hoot loot Slot online game rules

The rules of this game are typical for a five-reel slot machine. Here are some basic rules:

  • Pay line winnings have to start on the leftmost reel and land on adjacent reels. Scatter wins are the lone exception, and they can occur anywhere on the reels.
  • The maximum reward is the only one given when two or more wins happen on the same pay line.
  • The amount bet on each line is multiplied by pay line winnings.
  • When paired with other symbols anywhere on the reels. Hoot online slot Line symbols—which function as scatters—form wins. To achieve a victory, every Hoot Line symbol needs to match.
  • Error nullifies all earnings and plays.


Hoot loot slot online is unlike any other slot machine we’ve ever played. Thanks to its bonus features. An owl in the bottom right corner of the screen represents the Hoot Loot bonus symbols. You can win extra money by matching two or more of these scatter symbols.

The talking and dancing owl that appears on this slot machine whenever you form Hoot bonus wins is another intriguing feature. This gives a fun factor that is absent from most slot machines.

Hoot Loot shows its quality as a game by providing plenty of sound effects and animations throughout gameplay. The cutesy vibe of this game is completed by the well-made symbol images.

The primary drawback of Hoot Loot is that its bonus feature is difficult to learn about. To understand the wins, we had to play for a little period even after reading the details on the Hoot Loot bonus. If you don’t enjoy cartoon games, the theme could become old for you, which is another issue for some people. Though not everyone will enjoy the Hoot Slot online theme, we do. Online Hoot is a good slot machine that’s worth trying despite these small flaws

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