What Are Roulette Patterns That You Must Ignore?

You may have come across many articles online on roulette betting patterns. Every player wants to figure out how to outsmart the casino and get as much money as they can. This is the reason why a lot of roulette players find that betting techniques are very popular. Yet, one thing to remember is that the house will always have the upper hand over the players.

Many articles teach players how to use various betting systems to increase their winning. A lot of these articles fail to mention that using a strategy alone will not be enough to overcome the casino’s advantage. Yet, by using specific roulette betting patterns, you can maximize your roulette performance.

Certain betting experts maintain that there is no benefit to using a betting strategy when playing roulette. Yet, other experts claim that using the optimal betting strategy increases your odds of winning. Regardless of whether using a strategy will give you a major benefit. You should be aware that certain systems are just unavoidable. We advise you to review a few roulette methods to avoid bad gaming experiences.

The Worst Roulette Betting Strategies to Stay Away from.

We’ll show you some of the worst roulette betting patterns you should never use. Even though you’ve probably seen a ton of articles online offering guidance on the best ones. While not every betting strategy will help you outsmart the casino in the long run. Some can quickly deplete your money. We will thus show which approaches you are better off avoiding.

The Betting System of Martingale

This is a betting strategy that is used in other casino games as well. Many players of poker and blackjack are familiar with it. The Martingale strategy states that after each loss, players should double their wager. For example, a £5 loser on Even would suggest placing a £10 wager instead of the same £5 wager. You place your next wager of £20 after losing once again. The idea is to keep raising your wager until you succeed.

It is quite risky to apply this pattern when playing roulette. Or any game for that matter, even though it might work in certain cases. With a few unlucky spins of the roulette wheel using this approach. You’ll quickly deplete your bankroll and possibly hit the table’s betting limit. If you go on a lengthy losing streak, you might even lose all your money before you hit the betting limit.

Believing in Warm and Cold Numbers

Some players find it impossible to resist following specific Roulette betting patterns. Roulette is a game of chance, thus some numbers may turn up as the winning combination on many wheel spins. Some players think that by placing bets on the same “hot” number in the next roulette spins. They may win money because of these lucky situations.

Also, certain live and virtual casino roulette variants may show players a history of hot and cold numbers. This is a tactic employed to exploit superstitious players. They tend to bet more often on some numbers and stay away from others. Because they think there are specific roulette patterns to follow. But putting your faith in hot or cold numbers is a complete scam. Because past spins have no bearing on the outcome of future spins.

Bets Hedging

Although this kind of betting technique is very common in sports betting. Some players also often use it when playing roulette. Hedging your bets is like purchasing insurance against future losses. Bet hedging is a strategy used by players to reduce their losses. And increase their chances of winning by covering a variety of potential outcomes. For example, players who use bet-hedging in roulette might cover many numbers with smaller and greater bets.

Bet hedging is more suited for gamers who want to add thrill to their gaming sessions and are just having fun. So, players who are focused on winning will perform better if they don’t use this betting method. If two players bet the same £10 on red and black, the player who loses will receive payment from the other bet. In the meantime, participants are hoping that the winning side will have a larger stake. Because bet hedging requires a higher bet for one of the two options. We advise against employing this roulette pattern. Since, as you can see for yourself, it is not very promising.


One of the myths about roulette is that players may tip the odds in their favor by using a betting pattern. Many roulette fans are unaware that the house always wins. Because it never gives the real rewards, giving it an unbeatable house edge. The primary goal that players should have is to reduce their losses.

You can find yourself broke far too soon if your betting method causes your balance to run out more quickly. Also, you can wind up placing extra bets, which would raise your possible losses. Because of this, you need to avoid using such roulette patterns. Particularly if you want to avoid depleting your casino budget quickly.

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