Top Five Best NetEnt Live Casino Games

We’ll examine NetEnt’s lavish collection of live numbers in this post. Although the Swedish provider is best known for its visually attractive, ground-breaking online slots, it also excels in live games.

NetEnt Live Casino

NetEnt is an outstanding example of how a live casino performs. Let’s look at the top 5 NetEnt live casino games of all time.

NetEnt Live BLITZ Blackjack

NetEnt employs eight decks of cards in this Live Blackjack rendition. The table can accommodate an endless group of players. All games are streamed in real-time from a Malta-based professional casino studio. When you enter the game, you will be greeted by a stunning, conversational live casino dealer. The Stockholm-based developers also tuned the title’s performance on mobile and tablet.

BLITZ Blackjack is similar to Regular Draw in gameplay for a reason. It’s a fresh spin on a more classic dish. In-game bonuses include the ability to re-bet, which speeds up the procedure. You may also communicate with the dealer and other players using the chat function.

You must grasp the right fundamental approach to succeed at NetEnt BLITZ Blackjack. After that, you should practise card counting or any other technique you like to perfect the game.

NetEnt Live Auto Roulette

This is NetEnt’s second-most-played live game. Additionally, it is the ideal version for trying out a live casino with a no deposit bonus. The grandeur of real gameplay is combined with the familiar virtual feature of the automated wheel in this NetEnt live casino game.

Malta is also home to the NetEnt Auto studio. The live casino cam has amazing video quality. Furthermore, as a spectator, you’ll see various camera views that track the ball’s path.

In contrast, each round has three wheels. Why? This version will suit you if you prefer the Hot Number Roulette method. NetEnt Auto Roulette, for example, provides information like as hot and cold numbers, as well as charts.

There are over a dozen worldwide languages available as voiceovers when interacting. Ultimately, in addition to traditional wagers, you may place bets on your neighbours and racecourse layout.

Live Perfect Blackjack

Remember how we said that the correct strategy is the essential part of a successful Blackjack strategy? Perfect Blackjack from NetEnt, on the other hand, adheres to the same regulations of this approach. If you’ve been a long-time BJ fan, you’ll appreciate this rendition.

The game comes with eight decks, which are dealt with you by a skilled, pleasant croupier. If you can utilise the split and double down, they will inform you. If you have a concern, you are free to contact the dealer.

This game is regularly included in live casino promotions. So take a chance with Perfect Blackjack and enhance your winnings. In addition, the edition has a staggering RTP of 99.66 percent. As a result, if you utilise rational thought and a sound strategy, you can beat the house edge. You can play up to three hands at a time when playing Live Perfect Blackjack. Finally, you may play the number on any day or night, which is convenient.

Common Draw Blackjack

While the other games on the list are appropriate for experienced gamblers, newcomers are likely to like Common Draw Blackjack. They may play the live casino for free before spending real money.

The exhilarating version of Blackjack will pique your interest in the game. This is your chance to experience the social and interactive aspects. If you’ve ever compared a live casino to an online casino, Common Draw will indicate who holds the upper hand.

This one can be the best pick if you’re seeking for a casual live game to play. It will keep you engaged in the games while maintaining a comfortable and relaxed mood. The dealer utilises a random shuffle technique with six decks. You’ll have no difficulty navigating the venue, thanks to the cutting-edge UI. To add to the game’s tranquilly, wagers are placed swiftly, and all players are dealt identical cards.

VIP Roulette Live

If you’re wondering if the live casino is rigged, don’t worry. It isn’t. To ensure safe and genuine gameplay, NetEnt employs current random number generators (RNG). Every round in VIP Roulette Live produces random and fair results. Our last suggestion for NetEnt’s top live casino games is a VIP version. We end on a high note with a favourite Roulette game for regulars. With this one, we solely recommend looking into the incentives and promotions that may be received by accumulating comp points.

The game is set in a lavish casino studio mimics an opulent mansion’s lobby. A friendly dealer is waiting for you to settle into your virtual seat. Then they spin the wheel in one direction and then the ball in the other. You will always see your balance, as well as bet values and other statistics, on the screen.


We’ll inform you a little about the developer’s mechanics and platforms at the end of this article. Live Beyond Live is a premium live solutions package from NetEntertainment. It has won a slew of accolades thus far.

NetEnt’s Live Beyond Live is a digital lobby where you can see all of the company’s major releases. You may also examine virtual representations of the players seated at the tables.

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