Top Famous Sports Played in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a famous South Asian country that shares its border with Burma and India. Sports in Bangladesh are a very famous form of entertainment and an essential part of Bangladesh culture. Various sports were brought over in the 1700s as part of the colonization of the country by the British. However, the traditional Bangladesh sports is Kabbadi, a contact sport that originated in India. It is a great pastime and is popular in the British Army for fun and to recruit soldiers from Asian communities. 

Nowadays, Bangladeshi people love to play cricket, and it is now gaining national notoriety. Other famous sports played in Bangladesh include hockey, football, and chess. As a matter of fact that Bangladesh has produced many of the world’s best chess players. 


It is arguably the most famous sport in Bangladesh. However, the popularity of cricket began to rise significantly when the national team of Bangladesh went on to win the ICC Trophy in 1997. In addition, it was also the first time they qualified for the Cricket World Cup in 1999. Bangladesh becomes a full member of ICC in the year 2000, which allow it to play Test cricket. Since that, Bangladesh regularly hosts many international One Day, Test, and Twenty20 matches.

In 20112, the country hosted the World Cup along with Sri Lanka and India, which was truly the biggest achievement for the country. Moreover, Bangladesh also qualified to host the ICC World Cup Twenty20 in 2014. Bangladesh Cricket Board is the premier governing body to manage the development of the sport in the country. 

In World Cup 2015, Bangladesh beat England incredibly and qualified for the quarter-final for the second time in the history of Bangladeshi cricket. However, they were knocked out from the quarter-final against India after umpires made biased decisions against BD. Subsequently, there had been severer outrage worldwide.


It is an ancient game that plays over the board of 64 tiles and six types of the piece that each move in special ways. Furthermore, the major goal of the player is to capture the king of their opponent. Nowadays, it is one of the most famous Bangladesh Sports, and players have started playing it internationally. Luckily, the country has three international Grand Masters at this event. Locally, the people of Bangladesh play chess for enjoyment. 


This game has recently become more and more popular in Bangladesh. There is an increasing number of people that not only follow the golf game but also like to play in Bangladesh. Keep in mind that Siddikur Rahman was the first player from Bangladesh to win the country’s Asia Tour event of golf.

In addition, the event was held in Brunei Open in 2010, and since then, the media of Bangladesh have provided coverage for various golf events. However, there has not been another exceptionally successful player from the country until now. Newly this is one of the best Bangladesh Sports drawn attention and will influence younger players to compete at a high level. 


It is the national sport of Bangladesh. Kabaddi is a highly famous Bangladesh sports in the country. The Kabaddi team of the country is one of the best teams in the world and won the bronze medal at the Asian Games in 2006. Bangladesh’s Kabaddi team also finished 3rd two times in a row in the Kabaddi World Cups in 2004 and 2007. Most of the people of Bangladesh like to play this game. The game player uses defensive and offensive methods to collect points for their team.


This game has a long-lasting tradition in Bangladesh Sports. The national hockey team of Bangladesh frequently plays in main international tournaments like Hockey Asia Cup and participates in several national tournaments. However, the Hockey Federation of Bangladesh was established in 1972, but it managed to become a full member of the International Hockey Federation just 3 years later.

The best hockey teams in Bangladesh are playing in the Premier Division Hockey League. In addition, they have won many bronze medals in the South Asian Games. The best thing is that Bangladesh won the AHF CUP in 2008, 2012, and 2016 three times in a row.


It is undeniable that many organized sports like cricket, football, chess, hockey, golf, and many others are very famous in Bangladesh Sports. In addition, many sportsmen and women compete at district levels, university, armed forces, and public sector sporting teams. In response to the interest of the country in sporting activities, a huge number of sporting clubs have been developing

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