Top Casino Secrets Straight From Employees

You can imagine what the employees at the casino have to endure regularly. Whether it is verbal or physical abuse, hustlers are trying to cheat the house, or those drunken-beyond-belief idiots who cause fights and damage the flowerbed on their way to getting kicked out. Most casino employees wouldn’t be able to stomach these Casino Secrets, even if they were getting paid for it. On the other hand, dealers, croupiers, bar staff, and security guards have all built a partial tolerance for these behaviors. Here are some of them that surprise you. 

Dealers Steal Chips:

Both croupiers and dealers must show their hands to the cameras whenever they shuffle cards or handle chips. Even though some successfully manage to get away with stealing from the casino in the past. On the other hand, if one has been caught out, they face severe consequences. Usually, a security guard will see them and reveal these types of Casino Secrets, but the kit is not unheard of for these rogue employees to go to prison. As casinos don’t want negative publicity, this type of matter is often taken care of in private.

Drinks Are Not Complementary:

Free drinks are among the most popular perks of gambling at a casino. These locales give to looking anyone that will accept them. At the same time, these drinks may look like a case of getting something for nothing, which is often not what is happening here. These complementary drinks are nothing to stop you from being in the casino for a long, and it is one of the biggest Casino Secrets. Initially, casino bars frequently water down these beverages to lower their expenses.

After that, the servers expect a tip, and they get a handover 10 to 15 minutes after requesting to ensure that you don’t leave your place. Furthermore, alcohol also messes with your impulse control system. It can cause you to bet more than you can afford to lose. Therefore, all these drinks are a big tool of casinos to make you stay and play. In addition, they will cost you something in the form of a tip, on top of potentially clouding your judgment.

Casinos Have Undercover Police:

Undercover police is another form of security in casinos. They are often part of a mutual agreement between the operators and their local police force. While the regular security guards of the casino often handle the trouble and disruption outside of these venues. On the other hand, undercover cops typically keep an eye on what is happening inside.

Some Casino games Have Terrible Odds:

Of course, casino gambling is entertaining, with a small opportunity to earn money. However, the house is more likely to win in some games than others. Keep in mind that all the gambling odds are similar in the casino. Games like 3 card Poker, Double Exposure Blackjack, and Caribbean Stud may have bigger payouts, but they also generate bigger losses for the players. The game with the worst odds in the slot machines.

The games with the best odds are traditional Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. Never forget this one of the most important Casino Secrets. So, it would help if you did your homework before choosing a game to play at a casino.

Casinos Don’t Have Clocks:

You will never see a clock in a casino. It is because the establishment wants you to lose track of time. So, don’t pay attention to the hours you have spent or the time of day or night; continue trying your luck. People will frequently leave a casino and be surprised to see that the sun is rising and that they have been inside the entire night. Casino time is meant to feel infinite. The more you spend, the longer you will gamble.

Casino Staff Makes 80% Of Their Salary From Tips:

Tips are the most important thing that makes the staff of the casino so happy. The reason is that these tips make up the bulk of their salaries, and they will do almost anything to get your generosity, providing it doesn’t violate their contract. Tipping is very important if you also want to enjoy those complimentary drinks. Don’t forget that if you are not giving tips to the dealers, croupiers, waitresses, or waiters and just placing a few bets here and there, they are more likely to avoid you.


Gambling is a business, and all businesses will optimize their operations. So, don’t feel angry about these Casino Secrets. Keep your gambling experience in perspective, and don’t forget that it is just a form of entertainment

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