The Sexiest Female Poker Player Celebrities of All Time

Casinos and gambling were considered just a male thing for decades. Since inception, it was only the men who were entitled to participation in the casino games, betting being just another exclusively male activity. No woman was practically allowed to share the table with other male members and indulge in any kind of casino game.

However, male dominance in the casino industry did not work for long. It was some brave women who paved the way and became successful as casino gamblers who were an inspiration to other women to join the league. Some courageous female poker players took up the initiative to break the stereotype and then poker became a great thing where both men and women participated rigorously. Here are some of the greatest poker players of all times:

Maria Ho

Maria Ho is a globally recognized female poker player. She is literally the icon of women in poker. She is also one of the most recognizable female poker celebrities. Born in Taipei, she is now an American Citizen. Having earned over $4.4 from her poker games, she is the leading face of Poker among women. She is extremely sexy and gorgeous and has earned her positions such as being the host in popular TV show American Idol.

Johanna Hupfer

One of the prettiest female poker players with blue eyes that can be a major distraction for others at the poker table. The best part is she is even married to a great poker player Alex Stark; and are now globally popular as the poker couple. Currently, her total live earnings is $27, 587. She is from Germany and is a beautiful poker player. She is believed to be blessed by luck and knows how to create her own luck even in the most dreadful situations.

Melika Razavi

The sexiest South African beauty queen is Iranian by origin. The global fashion icon, who is celebrated for her beauty and proficiency as a model is one of the best female poker players the world has ever seen. Melika initially started her career in casinos by playing cash games; and she was undoubtedly one of the best in it. However, later on, she started inculcating immense interest in Poker. Currently, her total estimated live earnings is $236,439; and she is considered as one of the wealthiest female poker players of all time. Her looks compliments her wits and proficiency at the poker table.

Liv Boeree

The world came to know Liv through her performance on the famous poker reality show Ultimate Showdown. This TV show aired in 2015. Liv was a raw yet amazing talent in this show. She was coached by some of the greatest poker players of all time Dave Ulliot and Annie Duke. After being trained as an amateur in this show, she rose to be one of the most popular faces of poker in the later years. She has a degree in Astrophysics. She has participated in several European poker tournaments and belongs to the country of the United Kingdom. With a huge fandom, she is the new gen female poker player astonishing everyone with her skills.

Sandra Naujoks

The supermodel turned professional poker player is the heart throb of many. In 2008, she entered the Poker world and secured the 10th position in a Poker world tournament. In the first five matches of her career; she had two historic wins and became a showstopper of the poker world. She plays by her popular nickname Black Mamba in the poker world. Belonging to Germany, this famous female poker player has live earnings of $1,789,238. The poker world loves to see her pay with the beauty and wits.

Kara Scott

Better known to be a Canadian British TV personality; Kara was a journalist before she turned into one of the most celebrated global poker players of all times. Currency, the citizen of Italy; Kara is even an ambassador of the brand 88 poker and she even hosts the 88 poker news. Extremely popular face of female poker participation all across the globe breaking stereotypes that women cannot be great players. She has participated in several poker events and has won multiple times establishing her worth.

The array of female poker players across the globe is high on rise. Other than the stars mentioned above, there are several other eminent female poker players making their way to the top and gaining stardom with their excellent poker skills.

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