The Best and Worst Online Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a gambling game developed from Biribi, an Italian Game. In this game, one ball is dropped on a tool having a revolving toothed wheel with different number compartments. Players bet on the numbers guessing where the ball might rest. The wheel of Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal in 1655. Live or online Roulette game was first played in the late 1700s. The experience of online Roulette is the same as a real casino.

Best and Worst Online Roulette Strategies

  • The Constant Bet Strategy: This strategy is gaining popularity nowadays. Here the same bet size can be repeated for every spin. It is a perfect strategy for novice players who can stay for a long play. It may seem boring, but the risks are limited in this strategy. Hence, It won’t make you rich, though, but as a beginner, it will give you a few ideas about the game
  • The Fibonacci sequence: In this system, a sequence of numbers are being used to bet. The numbers in the sequence are calculated by adding the previous two numbers. The series may look like 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233 and so on. Though there is no guaranteed prediction for the outcome of every spin, this system, up to some lengths, can help one reduce the chance of heavy losses. It is less progressive but also less risky.
  • Paroli System: A player doubles their bet in the Paroli system when they win until they hit three consecutive wins. It can be considered as a positive betting system. The primary benefit of this strategy is one can start with the majority of the bet amount won from previous spins as it is low aggressive and has low risk so that one can expect a series of wins.
  • D’ Alembert Strategy: This strategy is also a pyramid system. It can be used to focus on different kinds of money bets. Though it is similar to the Martingale system, it is less aggressive. Here the chance increases 1 unit after one loss and decreases 1 unit after each win. It is a straightforward and easy to understand system and provides the best result when used in the short term.
  • Labouchere System: In the Labouchere system, the bet increases after losing a game. It is more of a complex strategy of betting. Here the player has to set the goal of winning amount and divide it into smaller digits to reach the goal. The arbitrary line of numbers becomes so long sometimes that one might need a pen and paper to solve this
  • Martingale Betting Strategy: It is the most famous strategy in the casino world and also the one which often falters. With this system, players have to double their bet every time they lose. The theory behind this strategy is players will recover the total amount of money they have lost previously in just one game when they win. But the problem is that the theory & reality does not always match in the world of casino, which leads to poor results in the Martingale Betting Strategy.
  • Reverse Martingale Strategy: An appropriate strategy for the players who are willing to take a bit of risk to win big. It works just in the opposite system of the Martingale Strategy. A bet doubles only when a player wins. If the player is eager to take risks during his winning stake, this strategy can bring the best results

Things to Remember?

When considering this casino game, there are a few things one must remember.

  1. For a beginner, sometimes it may look like a piece of cake, especially when they get influenced by players who have won big, but it is not always easy to predict the number that will appear.
  2. It is possible sometimes to get excited about winning, but the risk factor should not be neglected. It is important to consider the slow and steady approach for novice players.
  3. Another mistake players often commit is that they keep playing even if they are tired. This affects the focus and leads to poor results. It is the most important strategy of all to take certain breaks.

Apart from the mentioned details in the article, there are so many things that a player needs to know and must remember. There are also other strategies available that individuals can find appropriate for themselves. But above all, it is important to understand for a player what kind of casino strategy is his cup of tea.

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