Texas Hold’em Betting Rounds Explained

Whether at booze parties or casinos – the most common version of poker played is undoubtedly the Texas Hold’em betting rounds. Poker is a fun and accessible game played almost at every other casino and house parties. It takes a great deal of strength and effort to be a master of poker. Though learning to play hardly takes any time, becoming a pro is all a matter of practice.

Dealing the Cards – Starting of the Game

The game starts with dealing two hole cards in a face down position and then five cards are dealt in the face up position. From the combination of seven cards (two hole cards and five community cards) , each player seeks out the best five card poker hand. The primary goal of the game is to win the pot. The pot has the sum of all the gets that have been placed during all the hands. Players can win the pot in two ways – either have the best hand at the end of all the betting rounds in the game or force all the other players to fold the game which can be done by betting more.

There are four Texas Hold’em betting rounds in the game. The betting amount in the first two rounds is half of that in the next two rounds. In each of the betting rounds, the maximum number of raises for each player is four. Let us understand a bit more elaborately. When a player opens up the initial bet, the opponents at the table have the option to raise bets three more times. The amount of the raises will depend upon what is set by the table.

How the Betting Proceeds ?

In the betting game, the first two will be the binds. These are the compulsory bets. The small blind and the big blind bets will be placed by the players to the left of the dealer in each game round. The first player sitting to the left of the dealer will place the small blind and the player immediately left to this player will place the big blind bet. The value of the big blind is equivalent to the minimum bet and the value of the small blind is half of the minimum bet.

Once the blinds have been placed and cards have been dealt (already explained), there occurs the first round of bets with the two hole cards. The player sitting left to the player who placed the big blind will now place another bet.

The options they have for Texas Hold’em betting rounds are : Fold, Call or Bet. Here is what they proceed with in each of these cases:

Call: Players have to place a bet equal to the amount of the big blind.

Bet : Players have to bet an amount equal to the amount of the minimum bet

The betting round usually proceeds in a clockwise direction and the betting round ends with the player who had placed the big blind bet. If the first player has placed the bet, the next players have an option of Fold, Raise or Call. There is another popular betting round that causes many changes in the game and that is the Flop. In Flop, the first three cards out of the five cards that had been dealt will form a hand.

Now let us start with another round of betting – The Turn. For the players who continue in the game beyond the third card, get to see the fourth one and that is the Turn round. It is also called the fourth street. This betting round works quite similar to the Flop round. The only difference it holds with the previous betting round is that the bets are now double in value.

The last betting round is the River. The players who continue in the game beyond the fourth card get to see the fifth card in the game. This is the last or the fifth street card and the betting pattern in this round is the same as before.

In the end, the players who persist in the game compare their hands and the one with the best hand can now grab the pot and be declared as the game winner.

Final Words

Part of the popularity of the Texas Hold’Em game is because of its easy learnability. However, to win the game you need to have great skill and practice beyond the normal. You can either play it offline with your friends and family or in the online mode at any online casino site.

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