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Thank you for choosing Jeetwin India. You have reached our terms (“Terms”, “Terms of Agreement” and conditions (“Agreement”, “Terms of Use”) page. This agreement is between you ( “you”, “your”, “user”) and Jeetwin India (“Jeetwin India”, “us”, “we”, “our” ). This page describes the users’ rights and prohibitions for using our website and its services. By continuing and clicking on “I agree”. You consent to comply with all the rules and regulations, you have read and understood the obligations and rights. Using this website is also subject to all laws and regulations related to online gaming. Please refrain from continuing on this website further if you do not consent to any of these terms and conditions. Our Privacy Policy also takes care of such use.

Amendments of Terms and Conditions

This website, Jeetwin India ( “us”, “we”, “our”) reserves the right to review, change and modify the aforementioned terms and conditions time and again to consider and mentions any changes in our operations or technology, additionally cater for any new laws or any changes to already existing laws. The newly added terms and conditions shall be effective immediately. The user’s interaction with this website is governed by the most recent edition of the terms of use or terms of agreement or service terms. When a person or user continues to browse or use our website, they agree to all other changes in terms and conditions.

Age-restricted Content

This website restricts any user or person under the age of 18. This website contains contents or subjects and might require adult supervision and/or is inappropriate for any user below the age of 18. By continuing on this website, the user agrees and warrants that he/she is either 18 or above 18 years of age legally. 

The license of Personal Use

The user is hereby granted a license to engage and use any content on this website. However, granting of such license is for personal use only and not for using or reproducing the content for any commercial use unless consented by the website or the website owners.

Services and Content

Any and all information and services offered to customers or users by Jeetwin India including, however, not limited to website ratings or reviews, contests or competitions or tournaments, forums, polling, and other features and services are done so entirely at our discretion. They can be changed, removed or otherwise modified with or without consent of the user or warning at any time. All photos, texts, pictures, figures, logos, other media and intellectual property shall be subject to these Terms and conditions unless otherwise specified.

By agreeing, the user is also acknowledging that the website and everything are given herein are offered on the basis of ‘AS IS’ and that Jeetwin India does not take any liability whatsoever in connection with the use of any website service, feature or content. All this is given exclusively for the users’ non-commercial and private entertainment and pleasure. All downloads can only be made to a single personal computer or a mobile device if at all required. None of the material or resources can be distributed, morphed, republished or publicly displayed without the written permission of Jeetwin India. In addition, it is in our right to deny any such permission at our discretion at any point of time.

Hereby you consent to comply with the Terms and Conditions as follows:-

  1. The user, therefore, agrees not to use the website or any of its part or content for any kind of illegal activities. He/she complies to use it, keeping in mind all the jurisdictional laws that apply to this website. For any loss, damage, liability or cost relating to a violation of any terms mentioned. The website shall not be held accountable by the user or any third-party.
  2. The user, therefore, agrees to not upload or transmit through our website or any of its related content or services, any digital viruses, macro viruses, Trojan viruses, digital worms or any other entity that is made to purposely interfere or damage the normal functioning of a certain personal computer, a network or any mobile device.
  3. In order to increase traffic or provide other facilities to our user. We may provide third-party links or websites or resources.  Being a user, therefore, you verify and accept that our website is not responsible or liable for such external sources or sites avail and our website does not promote any such advertising, products or other services that those links or websites provide. Neither is our website responsible for any kind of damage or loss caused by the third-party external links or resources.
  4. Every content in any form or shape, written or verbal or picturized that is published on our website is copyrighted. Any user availing our services agree not to reproduce, duplicate, share unethically, make any unlawful use shall be thereafter violating the laws and is punishable under trademark laws.

Contacting Us

If you wish to discuss the terms and conditions, you can contact us at jeetwinindia@gmail.com

The terms and conditions as seen on this page were last updated on 27.12.2020.