Teen Patti Variations – Explained in Details

If you are a casino enthusiast there is no way that you have missed on Teen Patti. One of the most played casino games, this one is truly a high yielding. The best part about Teen Patti is that there are several interesting variations. These are mostly created by blending the rules of several other games and twisting them around. All the variations are super exciting and make Teen Patti awesome.

Teen Patti is one of the very popular games in the  Indian gambling world. If you are looking for some great variations of Teen Patti, here are some of the best variations you must know about:

Teen Patti Joker Variations

Here are the best Teen Patti variations that involves Joker:


It is the most popular and highly demanded variation of Teen Patti. For this game, each player is handed three cards at the beginning of every round.One card is open while two remain in upside down position.The open one represents the Joker. This is quite a tough game to win especially if you are not a pro at it. The players bid for the game by placing an open card bet on the Joker. The game proceeds with almost the same games as the traditional Teen Patti.

King Little

In this particular Teen Patti variation, all the kings are the jokers. The smallest card that is handed to each player becomes the Joker. The joker usually does not have any fixed face value for this game variation. This one is quite an interesting version because it has a very high win probability. Just like other Teen Patti variations, you can expect a win only when you know how to deal with the rules.

Joker Hunt

If you are a poker lover and want to enjoy similar vibes while playing Teen Patti, this one can be a great alternative. Each player receives three cards as traditional Teen Patti. The face up reveals the Joker. The players can exchange one of the cards for a revealed card. The general rules are the same as that of Teen Patti. The three opening cards always remain as the Joker of the game.

Teen Patti Hand Ranking Variations

Here are some of the best versions of Teen Patti depending on the hand rankings:

Mufliss / Lowball

This is one of the most unique variations of the Teen Patti game. In this game,the player with the weakest hand becomes the game winner. It is quite popular among experienced players and is perhaps one of the very first evolved variations of Teen patti. For example, in case of a final showdown, if any two players have a king pair and a pair of 5s, the [pair of 5s will win over the game – so the basic motto is the weakest hand player getting the highest win.


Very popular amidst the Asian players as a version of Teen Patti, this is one of the best played modern casino games. The hand that is closest to the combination of 999 will win the game. The game rules are pretty simple – the number cards right from 2 to 9 will have the same value exactly as it is in the case of the traditional Teen Patti game. The face cards possess no value, only the Ace card has  a value of 1. The idea of the game is to be as close to 999. The player with a combination of 999 wins the game.

Odd Sequence

Just as you create a sequence in the traditional Teen Patti game, the odd sequence variation demands for the same. The player has to build a sequence just as in normal card games such as J-Q-K. The only difference in this case is that, other variations such as 9-J-K are also allowed for sequence creation. It is a fun and exciting and highly profitable game.

Teen Patti Variations With Gameplay Change

Till now, we were discussing only minor changes in the Teen Patti game with very little changes to the actual game play. Here are two most significant gameplay change variations of Teen Patti:


It is quite similar to the popular stud poker game. There is a mix of the face down and face up cards in this game. Otherwise the general regulations are the same as conventional Teen Patti.

2 Cards Open

Each player is handed two face up and one face down card at the beginning of the game. The third card often decides the wager and the series of the next moves.

Enjoy Teen Patti variations with huge wins.

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