Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP & tracker

The well-known online video slot game “Sweet Bonanza” was created by Pragmatic Play. It has a candy-themed background with the colorful fruits and sweets. The reels of the game have symbols like lollipops, grapes, bananas, watermelons and many more. Also we can see the background of a green hill with a sugar castle set on top.

The game contains six reels, five rows, and a “Pay Anywhere” feature in place with standard paylines. This means that symbols, regardless of where they appear on the reels. It can form the winning combinations if they do so on nearby reels.

One of Sweet Bonanza’s key features is the “Tumble” feature. Winning combination symbols disappear from the reels. New symbols tumble into their place. Which help to produce more winning combinations.

The “Free Spins” feature denoted by the lollipop. It’s get activate when four or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. Each winning combination during the Free Spins feature multiplied at random. Also more Free Spins may obtained by landing more on scatter symbols.

Statistics of Sweet Bonanza Candyland

The most important statistics to remember have to do with how bets function. Let me clarify.

The position of the pointer on the wheel after it has stopped spinning decides the result of each round. The wheel has 54 segments, like competing games like Evolution Crazy Time.

It’s vital to know that every wheel segment has an equal chance of touching the pointer in each rotation. In particular, it has a 1-in-54 chance, or 1.85%, of striking.

Thus, the most vital Sweet Bonanza Candyland statistics provide answer to the query. “How likely a bet is to win?” The answer is easy to find.

Double the number of segments linked with that bet by 1.85%.

The number 5 has a 5:1 payout, for example, and it covers 7 of the wheel’s segments. The chance of this bet winning in any given round is:

7 x 1.85 = 12.95%

This simple equation can be used to get all Sweet Bonanza Candyland bet statistics.

Sweet Bonanza candyland RTP

When playing live casino games. It’s important to know the idea of return to player (RTP), also known as expected value. In short, it informs you of the chance of winnings from each bet.

The highest possible Return to Player (RTP) for Sweet Bonanza Candyland is 96.95%. Which is according to verified data from Pragmatic Play. This sum does not, yet, include every bet made in the game. In reality, it’s only the highest value that we get. The lowest value is 91.59%.

That is big difference as you can see. But, Pragmatic does not state which bet have which RTP rates. We know that different bets in Sweet Bonanza Candyland have different RTP values. Because of how live casino game shows like this one operate. We are unclear of what those values are.

Yet, based on Money Wheel game strategies, we may conclude a few things.

  • The highest RTPs are on the simplest, safest bets. For instance, bets like 1 are likely covered by the most 96.95% RTP. Also, bet 1 and 2 have a higher RTP than games like Crazy Time since they cover more sectors while paying the same.
  • Like here, Playtech Adventures beyond Wonderland offers a 2:1 bet that covers 15 of the 54 portions. With an RTP of 96.95%, it is the best bet in Sweet Bonanza Candyland.
  • The 5 bet covers 7 segments with a payoff of 5:1, which is the same as various games of a similar nature. We may conclude that this bet money’s RTP is 95.78%.
  • The bonus bets with the most volatility have the lowest RTP. They’re the most enjoyable, so this doesn’t surprise us, but it’s upsetting still.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land Trackers

Trackers for Sweet Bonanza Candyland are online programs. It only keep tabs on the game’s outcomes as each round ends.

You’re now asking yourself, but doesn’t the game itself include a feature that does the same thing?

It does, indeed. Compared to the one Pragmatic includes. Some third-party Sweet Bonanza Candyland stat trackers can have a bigger memory. Others keep note of the number of rounds when a specific outcome (like a bonus round) hasn’t occurred. Along with the expected and actual hit frequency of wheel segments.

They may be useful in providing insight of the game’s probability. They will not achieve much beyond repeating the Sweet Bonanza Candyland numbers in the long term.

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