Super Andar Bahar Review: Features & Payouts!

Straightforward gameplay leaves no player perplexed, only entertained – as the dealer does his or her job, you sit back and enjoy watching the transaction. In the following sections of our Super Andar Bahar review, we’ll go over how to play Super Andar Bahar live, where to find it, and what features and payouts are available.

What is Evolution’s Super Andar Bahar?

Evolution’s Super Andar Bahar is a live casino single-deck card game that will debut in the first quarter of 2022, following Peek Baccarat. Super Andar Bahar live is Evolution’s take on the traditional Indian gambling game that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a marvel for high rollers and avid gamblers, with 97.85 percent RTP and 4,000x payouts.

Betting Payouts and Features:

To play Super Andar Bahar for real money online, you must have a wager of between $0.50 and $10,000. The minimum bet on a single Super Andar Bahar live game is $0.50. When it comes to payouts, players will be pleased to learn that they can win up to 4,000x their bet at this table. The multipliers, about which we’ll talk more in the following section, are the key to its success.

Aside from the massive multipliers, Evolution attempted to honour the classic game by implementing classic payouts and rules. Andar pays out at 0.9:1, whereas Bahar pays out at 1:1. The lower payout indicates that Andar bets are more likely to win. The matching card has a 51.50 percent chance of appearing on the side where the first card was dealt in the round!

How to play Super Andar Bahar?

As previously stated, the rules of the Super Andar Bahar are as straightforward as they come. In this game, only one deck of 52 cards is used. There is a dealer as well as an unlimited number of players.

  1. One card is drawn at random from the deck and placed in the centre.
  2. Before the game begins, players are asked to place a bet on Andar or Bahar.
  3. Following the placement of the middle card, the dealer will place the first card on Andar and the second on Bahar. When it comes to payouts, this will be crucial in the end.
  4. The cards are dealt alternately to both sides, and when a matching card to the first one is dealt, the round ends and the winners are paid out.

The payouts are 0.9:1 if the marching card was dealt on the Andar. The payout is 1:1 if the winning card is dealt with on the opposite side. 

Super Andar Bahar is ideal for beginners due to its simplicity, but it also appeals to high-rollers due to its betting range. This live casino game has an RTP of 97.85% and a betting range of €0.50 – €10,000 to produce wins of up to 4,000x the stake.

Some Special Features of Super Andar Bahar

The bottom of the screen displays detailed roadmaps as well as statistical data. These provide statistics, hot and cold numbers, and other useful information. The most intriguing features here, however, are the incredible Pragmatic Play Andar Bahar side bets.

  1. The first card can be dealt with by either Andar or Bahar. It simply pays out a lot if the relevant card pile wins with the first card on its side. It has some of the lowest RTPs in the game, so we recommend avoiding it.
  2. Number of Cards allows players to predict how many cards will be drawn before the round ends. For example, if you place a bet in the 6-10 range in Number of Cards, you will win 3.5:1. In terms of betting value, the 6-10 and 15-25 are by far the best options. The highest RTP bet in the game is 15-25.
  3. The Joker, as well as the first Andar and first Bahar cards, are used to form 3-card poker hands in the first three. You win if you get a Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush! Surprisingly, this side bet also provides good overall returns.

Honest review on Super Andar Bahar

We’ve had the pleasure of trying three different live Andar Bahar tables by this point. The Ezugi Andar Bahar live is probably our favourite, but we shouldn’t overlook Playtech and Pragmatic Play’s well-known titles. However, it appears that Evolution’s Andar Bahar live table has added a very valuable addition to the Andar Bahar collection.

The Evolution Super Andar Bahar live game is already a promising Andar Bahar table to play, thanks to its nod to tradition and a clever and modern use of multipliers. We’re excited to see how well this game performs on a global scale.

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