Spread Bet Roulette – Gameplay & Strategy

Roulette is a world-class game. Many utterances have taken place in past years. Still, the core gaming concept remained unchanged. Many providers have tried to build something new based on the strategy, but changes were temporary. Roulette gives pleasure when players sit at the table. Even companies also become happy to meet players’ expectations. 

But, we can’t say that roulette table game does not bring any effective changes. The live roulette casino space is an example. Besides this, the Playtech provider brings changes to the roulette wheel. Now this same expert group has developed Spread-Bet Roulette with a new concept.

Fundamental Concept Of Spread Bet Roulette

You might get confused after seeing the digital wheel behind the dealer for its different look. But there is nothing to worry about. The fundamental concept of the roulette wheel remains the same. Even so, you can play with old tactics of black fields, thirty-six red, and a single zero. The wagers and payout ranges are the same as the old one. 

Gameplay Of Spread Bet Roulette

Spread Bet Roulette is innovative and unique because players can switch from the regular slot here. Even they can experience different alternatives to a table game. Before playing, you have to fix your stake for a big win. You will have multiple chips to choose from in the range of .10 to 100 at the side of the table.

Your task is to predict the position where the ball will land. After that, you must pick the chip per your prediction and place a bet on that projected number. In this way, you can win the prize amount when the ball touches the preferred number.

After wagering, your task will be to click the spin button. Due to this, a roulette wheel appears, and the ball gets stuck on the wheel. When the wheel stops moving within a few seconds, the ball lands on the chosen number indicated by the table. That particular pouch will state the winning number or color.

Strategies For Playing Spread Bet Roulette

The second wheel is on display behind the dealer in spread-bet roulette. It rotates in the other direction, where the main wheel spins clockwise. 

Each wheel consists of a total of thirty-seven numbers. It means a number from the main wheel will line up with the number of the second wheel when both wheels stop moving. When one number finds out its partner, you need to wait for a while until the ball lands. Lastly, you can pick the number.

Here spread is the one on which players place their bets. Playtech has developed the spread. When the second wheel stops, punters add the inner and outer numbers to get the total spread bet. 

When betting takes place on the side of the wheel, punters can predict the outcome of a spread bet. Here, you can bet on seven distinct wager ranges. 

When you play spread-bet roulette, you will see a unique feature in the side bet. They are different from each other. Some side bets target a block of numbers and contribute small payouts. 

Some contain fewer numbers but contribute large payouts. The most excellent chance of winning comes with the 1:1 bet accompanied by 2:1 and 7:1 wagers. It is highly recommended that punters should go with any of these three bets in spread-bet roulette.

The last range limit of the bet is 10:1. When looking for the most feasible wagering combination, this 10:1 is the last one with more than a hundred combinations. But punters do not often prefer to draw this range, unlike the previous three bets. The rest of the side bets are not so popular. They are ignored as they contribute low odds of winning.

Play Spread Bet Roulette for Real Money

There is an option of a free demo game for practicing the rules before landing on the real ground. After grabbing the advantages of free playing and enjoying the game, it is time to look for the real money spread-bet roulette game. Spread Bet Roulette is a game that is new to fresh players and experienced players. 

Here lower limit on betting offers all aspects of this real roulette game to enjoy while playing. Even, it has minimal risk of losing a massive amount of cash. With the evolution of the Spread Bet Roulette, a distinct point of difference has become visible to all roulette players. The game’s design needs a minor modification, but the gaming strategy is significant. Players can cope with the gaming rules after a couple of demo practice sessions.

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