Social Casino Explained: Guide to Social Gambling and Games

The majority of the people today have a knack for poker and gambling. The majority of people today possess a social media account as well. Mix both of these, and you will get the social casino or social gambling. Today, the world is dominated by technology, and social casinos and gambling provide much entertainment to individuals.

Read the guide below to know more about social gamblingand enjoy. Gambling is quite a fun and intricate game if you profit from it. It’s also a disappointment when you don’t!

What Do You Mean By Social Gambling?

Well, the social casino is nothing but playing casino and poker games on social media, such as Facebook or other casino applications, without you depositing any real money. To be precise, there are plenty of options available to spend your money on these games but what makes it unique is that you don’t need to leave your money here.

What Is a Social Casino?

Social Casino is a web application where individuals can play casino games like social slots or roulette with friends online. It includes a number of games, such as FarmVille, that you get on Facebook. One significant difference between social casinos and traditional casinos is that social gambling serves entertainment purposes only.

These casinos are run by an independent organization or some regular casinos. Online gambling has an advertisement value that will keep the customers involved even if they are not spending their real cash.

Social Casino Features

The most important feature of this casino is that it is social. To define it in a better way, the features of the social casino are as follows:

  1. Let’s invite other players.
  2. You can play with other players.
  3. You can share results with friends.
  4. Post your achievements and awards in your profile.

One great feature about this game is that it attracts a lot of customers, and they keep coming back to the game every day. There is another level of attachment in this game. People play social casinos for winning money.

Additional features include:

  • Customisable Avatars: Individuals can create their avatars and make the game more compelling and attractive.
  • Complex Storyline: Social casino games are not too easy compared to traditional games. They have complex plots which allow users to take up more challenges while they are playing casino games online.
  • Challenges: For making your casino experience more intrinsic, it provides new challenges on occasions such as holidays.

Games Available In Social Casino

The games available in social casinos are free and are easily found on social media. The forms of these games are slot machines, poker, casino table games and others.

Apart from well-known casino games, below listed are some of the most renowned casino games such as:

  1. Mob Wars
  2. City Ville
  3. Mafia Wars
  4. Farm Town
  5. FarmVille

Pros & Cons Of Social Gambling & Social Casinos

The significant positive and negative aspects of social casinos are:


  1. Social gaming is not precisely gambling. Also, there is no down payment involved in this game.
  2. Social online games are accessible in areas and territories where regular gambling is prohibited.
  3. This game is available for individuals who refrain from investing real money in gambling.
  4. Casino games are the perfect way to level up your skills.


  1. The game has a lot of advertisements. This is a great way to generate profits, and they will flood your phone screen with a number of ads.
  2. Social casino games need you to top up your coins credits every time.
  3. Social casinos may end up having a gambling addiction.

Where Can You Find Social Casinos?

Below mentioned are some of the most renowned social casinos:

  • Zynga: It has become a familiar name in casinos as it is widely used in social media, Facebook.
  • Slotomania: This one is free to download gambling applications. It has over 5 million players who register every month.
  • Billionaire Casino: In this game, you’ll find many other games and not just different slots. You’ll get to play a lot of casino games such as video poker, roulette and many more.
  • House Of Fun: This game doesn’t require you to deposit anything while playing the game. It has around 180+ games, and they keep adding games every day.

Final Conclusion

Casino games should never become your addiction. These games are great for entertainment purposes only. This was all about the social casino. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Drop your questions, if any. Our team of experts will get back to you in case of any queries. Happy gaming!

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