Scatter Symbol in Slot Games and Why Does It Matter?

The scatter symbol acts mainly as a key to open a variety of fun additional features included in a slot game. Free spins, mini-games, and other bonuses can be played without the scatter symbol landing on a payline. Instead, it just needs to show up on the reels. Scatter symbols are often represented by a special image that is specific to the game’s theme.

When they appear in a slot machine, scatter symbols pay out whether they are on a payline or not. Slot gamers love them since you often only need one or two of them to win. In order to keep players engaged, 5-reel slots need slot scatter icons more than other types.

Scatter symbols vary wildly from all other slot machine symbols. The right quantity of these icons anywhere on the slot machine will result in a winning payoff. They can also turn on a bonus game option. One of the best paying symbols in video slots is the scatter.

The appeal of scatter symbols lies in their ability to allow bonus game or scatter payment generation. Also, the scatter symbol only needs to show up once on the reels for you to win.

Moreover, you’ll notice that the Scatter bonus may be higher and better the more of these symbols you spin. More free spins or a scatter-symbolized bonus game feature round with a greater payout could be useful to players. So when the reels eventually stop, you will naturally hope to see at least one scatter symbol on each reel!

These are the bonuses that scatters provide:

  • Coins: Scatters award a preset bonus chip prize.
  • Bonus Games: Scatters start your chosen game
  • Free Spins: Scatters begin your free spins. Which you can then play.
  • Social Scatters: Scatters add to the Social Goal. Which distributes chips to all players at the table.
  • Social Free Spins: Social Scatters add to the Social Goal. Which awards Free Spins to everyone at the table.
  • Expanding Scatter: Unique Scatters that appear in the Treasures of the Throne slot during Free Spins.

Why does it matter?

The scatter symbol is one of the most important points to learn when you begin playing a new slot machine game.

Knowing what they are and being able to recognize them is important since scatter symbols raise your chances of winning. Moreover, they can be used to unlock extra features and games, which raises your chances of winning.

How does scatter symbol work?

In a slot machine scatter works in two main ways.

The first is that you will get a little part of your bet back if you land 1 or 2 Scatters in addition to any other winning lines—a small safety net along the way.

The ability to initiate bonus features is the Scatter symbol’s additional function. The bonus feature of your game, which often takes the shape of extra spins, will typically be activated with at least three Scatter symbols. Depending on the game you’re playing, you may be able to choose the number of free spins you want at a higher or lesser risk and reward. Some games may award you a set number of free spins based on how many Scatter symbols you hit.

Top tips For Playing Scatter Symbol Slots

When you opt to play a video slot game with scatter symbols that can and will spin in, one thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t matter how many pay lines are active during the basic game spin because scatter symbols pay regardless of where they land on the screen.

As a result, if you prefer to play video slots for little bets, you should opt for titles that have scatter symbols that, when spun in sufficient numbers, trigger additional features or games in addition to cash payouts.

Even if you only activate one payline on a multi-payline slot machine, your chances of unlocking bonus games and/or extra features are just the same as those of a player who hits many paylines per spin.

When you are signed into any online casino, please take a thorough look around the games menu since that is where you will find out which slot games have scatter symbols linked to them.

If you play slot games with scatter symbols, you will surely have some of the most entertaining and exciting slot playing sessions ever because of the wide variety of bonus games and extra features you may activate when playing them. So play as many of them as you can!

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