Roulette 666 – Is That The Devil’s Game?

Roulette 666 or the Devil’s Game is a very well-known game among gamblers and non-gamblers. We’ve all seen it in movies where the player kisses the ball before spinning it onto the wheel, wishing for her lucky number! The game involves a wheel, a tiny ball, wheel spinning and obviously, bets. Here we will discuss the story of Roulette 666 Wheel Numbers, Roulette 666 Devil’s Game & Roulette 666 Strategy

At the beginning of the game, players place their bets, and the wheel is spun. This wheel has zero to 36 numbers and their pockets on it. Then the ball is spun in the opposite direction on the wheel. After a while, the ball slows down and lands on any one of the numbers, and whoever placed their bet on that number wins. 

This game is especially different because players can either bet on one number, higher or lower numbers, odd or even numbers, or colours of the pockets of numbers, or groups of numbers. There are many possibilities with this game. But does it have something to do with the Devil?

Roulette Wheel Numbers – The 666 Story

“Roulette” was named after “roue”, the French word for ‘little wheel’. Historians believe that Roulette 666 was invented by the French philosopher and famous physicist, Blaise Pascal in the 18th century in France. It is believed that he intended to develop a perpetual motion machine, i.e. a machine that keeps in motion without any additional energy from any external force. Initially, he did not include any zeros in the roulette wheel.  

In the 19th century, Roulette 666 became one of the most popular games across Europe and the US. Another interesting thing to happen in the 19th century was the addition of a “zero” in the Roulette wheel numbers. The number zero was not previously on the roulette wheel, but it was added because it increased the house edge. The Americans added a double zero to increase the house edge even more. 

With or even without the zeros, the roulette wheel numbers add up to 666, the Devil’s Number game. It can be referred to as the roulette pasal math. All these stories are well-known, but there is another one that might suggest that it is indeed the Devil’s game! 

Why Roulette’s Numbers Add Up To The Number 666?

Some of historians claim that roulette 666 was invented at least 200 years before Pascal’s accident. There are many rumours about the Chinese and the monks, but the most widespread is the one with Francois Blanc, the “Magician of Homburg”. Roulette 666 became more known when the businessman brought this game to Bad Homburg and Monaco. 

Rumours say that Blanc had sold his soul to the Devil himself to learn all the secrets of the roulette 666 game and that was the reason the numbers added up to 666. 

Another rumour states that Chinese monks were the first to play the roulette wheel game. Another states that there was a monk who went mad trying to find cheats to the roulette wheel game and included the number 666 on the roulette wheel. 

There are also many references to number 6 on the wheel. Many casinos use a table for the game, and if you add any three numbers that lie in a horizontal line, they add up to the number 6. Whether the Beast himself was involved in the roulette wheel numbers or not, we cannot deny the coincidences. Some people even believe that the roulette wheel numbers adding up to 666 is a sign that gambling is evil! 

666 Roulette Strategy

The Roulette 666 Strategy is a strategy for online and casino roulette 666. It is a betting strategy with low risks that increases your chances to win. 

How The Strategy Works:

On a wheel, the roulette 666 strategy works by placing your bets to cover as many numbers as possible, so you have more chances to win the bet. This is based on the assumption that the ball will always land on one of those numbers. The roulette wheel numbers are either in red or black pockets, or odd or even, so betting on either of these options increases your chances to win the bet, and you can even place higher bets. 

The roulette 666 strategy works much better when you play a low edge game and for short periods. 

Does The Roulette 666 Strategy Work?

Many people believe that this strategy sounds good but does not work. Based on many mathematical calculations and variances, many claims that the roulette 666 strategy has a negative expectation and fails to acknowledge long term occurrences. 

Why 666 And The Devil Conquer Roulette?

When Blaise Pascal added the numbers 1 to 36 on the roulette wheel, he intended to look at probability and its rules that we use even now. Maybe it was merely a coincidence that the roulette wheel numbers added up to 666. But people found ways to connect Satan’s dots to that of the game. 

The number 666 also appears in the Holy Bible as associated with the Devil. It was believed that the roulette wheel game was so addictive that the player must have to be under the influence of Satan to play it! 

Some people believe that these facts might be a sign to warn us of the evils of gambling. Many rumours suggest that the game had been conquered by the Devil because of the numbers and also because it was next to impossible to cheat on the game. The roulette wheel numbers were arranged randomly to avoid cheating. 

Other Popular Roulette Strategies

The roulette 666 strategy is the most popular strategy used in the game. Here are some of the other strategies used:

  • Martingale Roulette Strategy

This strategy assumes that you are bound to win eventually in the game. The simple rule is to double your bet each time you lose until you eventually win. The Grand Martingale strategy is similar to this betting strategy, but it works on a much larger scale. 

  • Reverse Martingale Strategy

This strategy works on the rules of Martingale strategy but in reverse. The rule of this strategy is that you double your bet each time you win the hand. This aims to lessen the damage when you lose. 

  • Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This betting strategy is one of the safest strategies for roulette. It is based on the Fibonacci numbers, which is a sequence that is the sum of the previous numbers. This strategy requires that you bet on even numbers only.

  • The James Bond Strategy

This strategy works best if you play for a short period. The player needs to remember three bets, and he is guaranteed to win almost two out of three times. 

  • The D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy states that you place your bets on odds or evens, or red or blacks. It is based on the theory of progression. 

Roulette game has been played in casinos and online for many decades, and many rumors and stories have been spread about the game. But it is also one of the most addictive and exciting games because you can never cheat it. You can use your strategies, and you can use your skills, but you cannot cheat the Roulette Devil’s game! 

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