Popular Local Games and Card Games in Nepal

Nepal may seem a small country to many but its culture is larger than life. From religion to festivals, this land of mountains also has many local games and card games that have been passed down through generations.

 If you’re interested to know more about card games in Nepal, along with other kinds of games then this blog is the right bet to make.

What is the Cultural Significance of Card Games in Nepal

Playing card games during local cultural festivals has been an integral part of Nepal’s rich cultural traditions. Dashain is Nepal’s most famous festival and it’s a time when families reunite, good food is cooked, and younger ones celebrate the presence of elders in their lives.  Along with all these activities, playing card games is also a key aspect of Dashain.

They are a way to connect with the past and preserve traditional practices, making them an integral part of Dashain celebrations. They also promote family bonding because friends and family participate in the game together. This way, they all get an opportunity for social interaction, strengthening bonds and creating cherished memories

Some games like Fanash and Marriage involve friendly competition, which adds an element of excitement and suspense to the game. This friendly rivalry fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared experience among players

Card games can involve betting, which adds an economic dimension to the game. This can be a significant aspect of Dashain celebrations, especially for those who engage in the games for both money and fun. All in all, playing games during Dashain are a way for the people of Nepal to come together, have fun, and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Famous Card Games in Nepal

There are some types of card games in Nepal that have the part of Nepali culture for centuries.  Here is a list of the most famous card games in Nepal.


Simple gameplay demanding strategic depth is what makes Dumbal one of the most popular card games in Nepal. It’s played with the standard card deck, excluding jokers, and its objective is to finish the game with the lowest points 

Players take turns clockwise and they have to build a hand using 5 cards. It is super exciting and is played in both online and offline settings.


Callbrake is a classic card game widely played in Nepal. People of Nepal are fond of this game because of its simplicity and how quickly the action unfolds in this game. Players aim to get rid of all their cards before their opponents, and the game involves a combination of strategy and luck


If you’re from Nepal then you must already know what Marriage is. This card game is a blend of skills & strategies and is played the most during the Dashain festival. As it’s placed with three decks and each player gets 21 cards, it requires too much strategy. The aim is to create a runs set or a three-of-kind in the same suit.


Julaamchor or Chased the Joker is a highly gripping card game in Nepal. In this game, players have to make an ideal set of cards to survive while keeping one card, mostly Joker, hidden. They will have to make sets of cards and take turns to take out one card from the set of their fellow players.

Other Local Games in Nepal

Other than the above-mentioned card games in Nepal, there are many types of local games such as Ludo, marble game, Lattu or Bhurung, Piya or Dhyakki, Kapardi or Kabbai, and Elephant polo. Each game has different gameplay and brings a distinct type of excitement.

Playing Card Games in Nepal Online

Due to the growing demand for online casinos, both local and card games in Nepal are now available through online platforms such as Jeetwin, Crickex, and many more. While you plan to play card games in Nepal online, make sure that:

  • You’re choosing only a leading and licensed online casino to avoid any types of legal hassles.
  • Also, you’re using local currency, NPR, and local payment methods such as bank transfer and IME Pay.
  • You’re setting a betting limit and taking breaks to avoid addictions.


Nepal is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse range of traditional games and card games. From the strategic depth of Dumbal to the fast-paced action of Callbreak, these games offer a unique glimpse into the country’s history and social dynamics. When playing these card games online, just pick only a reliable and trusted online casino to enjoy an unbeatable experience.

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