Pocket Pairs and how they work in Texas Hold ‘Em

Slang for getting a pair in your hand after the first deal in poker is a pocket pairs. Even some of these particular hands have their own nicknames. For example, pocket aces are sometimes known as American Airlines or pocket rockets. And pocket kings are also known as cowboys.

Pocket Pairs: Types and Values

Three main subgroups of pocket pairs are accepted by a lot of poker books. These are:

Premium pocket pairs (often JJ – AA)

Medium Pockets (77-TT)

Pairs of small pockets (66 and under)

While there may be a few slight differences in methods. Such as whether someone counts TT as a premium pair or 77 as a small one. This broad classification can be accurate.

Premium Pocket Pairs (How it works)

These are among of the top preflop holdings in Hold’em, as the name implies. Depending on the situation at hand, pocket Jacks can continue to be as more marginal. But the other pairs in this group are very strong.

Being dealt QQ or better is what you might refer to as a good start at poker, even for those who are getting started.

As the number of people playing in the hand reduces. The value of premium pocket pairs rises since you are less likely to be out-flopped by a single player.

Your goal should generally be to make as much money as you can before the flop. It holds true for the majority of typical tournament circumstances. As well as cash games when you aren’t too deep (100 to 150 big blinds).

Your strategy may change as the stacks become deeper. Particularly with the low end of the category (JJ & QQ), but that is a very new subject.

In the long run, you will save a ton of money by being able to fold big hands (in absolute terms) in risky cases when hold’em is played on all streets.

Medium Pockets (How it Works?)

Medium pocket pairs are pairs that have a possibility to be an overpair on the flip. But are more likely to have at least one higher card on the board.

But, if there are already a few limpers in front of me. I’m also not opposed to calling to watch how the board plays out. Keeping the right to become more aggressive later in the hand depending on the texture of the flop and the action.

You don’t want to be playing from behind, so if you think you could be behind, pack your bags and quit for that hand. And if you are unsure of where you stand, I tell playing rather while you wait for more info to emerge. You may also consider taking a card off and watching the turn if it is cheap to help you determine where you stand.

Small Pocket Pair (How it works?)

Most of the time, playing little pocket pairs is quite simple. To flop a set, try to come in; if you don’t succeed, fold. Set mining with little pairs is an excellent tactic. Because you may either flop a set or win a large pot. Or you can brick the flop and fold while only losing a modest amount of money.

Players seem willing to get it all in pre-flop with a hand like a pair of threes. Particularly in tournament settings. They will, at best, be in a coin toss situation, and, at worst, they will be hit by a larger couple and well behind.

In order for this to be a long-term positive EV strategy. You need to be able to win enough the one time you do flop the set to make up for all the other times that you are going to miss. This is because you aren’t going to flop the set very often.

When playing poker, you must do your best to avoid being results-oriented. Since you have to focus on the chances and probability, not the immediate results. It might be unpleasant to fold pre-flop when you would have flopped a set and won a large pot.


Some of the tips from this article will enable you to play your pocket pairs better. Remember that if you use them, they may be an effective weapon in your armory.

Always make an effort to keep your expectations in check. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’ll be the one to take all their chips when you flop the set. If they don’t have a tendency to stack off and are cautious.

The beauty of poker is that it is such a multi-dimensional game that there can be many ways to similar locations.

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