Guide To Playing Online Keno Game in India

Online Keno game is similar to the normal lottery but still differs from the other and provides the player with an adrenaline rush that they get by playing with real money. Here, we will discuss how to play Live Online keno game in India, Online Keno variations, Online Keno Rules & Keno game Strategy.

Who doesn’t like the idea of winning a lottery? Everyone loves to have a surprise and especially if that surprise entails a handsome sum of money. But the thing is not everyone loves to wait for it for that long. Don’t worry; you can still win a lottery without waiting for it for very long.

Keno is an online gambling game which is lottery-based that can easily be played on Keno websites. Online Keno game is a very famous online casino game amongst the many enthusiastic people who like to experience the thrill of the lottery without waiting for long.

How To Play Online Keno Game In India?

Online Keno game or a real game in a casino is the same. The basic gameplay of this online Keno casino is that you are required to pick a number from 1-80 and to depend on how many numbers you get right you win the lottery amount.

The pay-outs that you win are not a huge sum but adds a big difference when won many times. Online Keno game in India requires you to choose 1-10 numbers, or it can be more, (usually 1-80) from a given set of numbers. After everyone has chosen, a virtual pot is used to draw out numbers and depending on how correct you were with guessing the numbers; you win the amount.

Depending on which online casino you are trying your luck, the number of selections and the pay-outs may differ. Some Live online Keno game casinos allow you up to 20 numbers to choose. One other thing you also have to consider is the house cut. But by the end, the basic rule of this live Keno online is to choose as many numbers correctly as you can to win a big amount.

In live Keno, paper and pen are used by the players to pick up numbers. Numbers will be drawn live from that hopper with numbered balls. Playing live Keno will allow you to see the numbers being drawn from the pot and compare that with your chosen numbers. You can get all of them right and win a massive amount, but the odds for that are very low. If you get some of them right, you still will be getting some amount that will be enough to encourage you to play more. You will also see an entertaining dealer if you play live Keno online game.

Variation Of Online Keno Game In India

Some variations may occur while playing online Keno. It depends on the casino you have opted for. While the very basic rule remains the same, some variations like a number of selections given, pay-out tables and some other small things may differ. Some variations may hinder your winnings if you choose to hit a particular strike. 

Here are some of the variations of online Keno game you might come across:

  • Golden hits
  • Circus Keno
  • Balloon game Keno
  • Redneck Keno
  • Super spot keno
  • Thunder power

Is It Legal To Play Online Keno In India?

Although online Keno India has not been included in the same category as other online games such as Rummy, Poker, or lotteries, it is still widely played, and the chances of it being declared as illegal cannot be seen. If you are playing from an offshore casino site, then no problems will arise. 

Though no laws have been passed for online Keno’s legality or illegality, still as of now, no one has been arrested for playing online Keno, and we can’t see it happening in the near future. Still, it will be advised to play online Keno with responsibility.

Online Keno In India: Rules And Strategies

Some basic online Keno game rules are as follows:

  • The player is given a chance and choice to pick some numbers from 1-80. In live Keno it is done by writing on a piece of paper, and in video online Keno it is done by touching the screen through a wand.
  • How many numbers the player picks solely depends on the game. The range generally is from 2-10 or 1-15.
  • Make your bets for the draw.
  • Twenty balls will be chosen at random out of the 80.
  • If the number chosen by the player matches the number chosen by the game, then it is a ‘’Catch’’. The player is paid based on how many balls he catches.

Some basic online Keno game strategies are as follows:

Keno is a game of pure luck. There is no absolute trick that works with picking the numbers; it is like an artwork of randomness. However, you can do one thing is to play following a betting strategy- 

  • Some people stick with the same set of numbers for a long time for every round to see which one is lucky for them. It is not a perfect recipe of success but can work if you stay on the same table for a certain period of time.
  • Decrease the amount of bet if you feel you are losing and increase it if you are on the winning streak.
  • Start with a small amount of money till you get the hang of it.
  • Measure the risk and reward before placing any bets.
  • You can play two or three free online Keno games to know how the game works and to pick up some lucky numbers.

What To Look For While Selecting An Online Keno Site?

There are many online casinos to play with real money over the internet. What you need are an excellent internet connection, a PC and some good luck. These are the things you should look for while selecting an online Keno game site:

  • What are the reviews and reputation of that site?
  • Welcome bonuses
  • How responsible and committed the site is towards gambling?
  • Good customer support
  • Easy payment methods
  • Can be played in mobile


Q1. Can online Keno be played with real money?

Ans. Yes, you can play online Keno with real money in India or anywhere else as it is offered in many trusted casinos.

Q2. Is it really possible to predict numbers in Keno?

Ans. Some professionals do claim that they know the techniques to predict the Keno numbers, but they are surely drawn at random.

Q3. Is there any mobile app for Keno?

Ans. You can play online Keno on your mobile phone through the browser or through an app in many online casinos in India.

Q4. Is there any age restriction for playing Keno?

Ans. Most of the states require you to be at least of age 18 or 21 before playing Keno. You should make yourself familiarized with the rules before opting to play.

Keno is a great lottery-based game which you can play once you learn the rules. So, try your luck to get an unique experience in Keno.