Play Teen Patti Game Online | Teen Patti Game Online in India

Teen Patti is a renowned and traditional card game in India that is emerging with time in the gaming arena with digitalization. Online Teen Patti is another ruling card game in the online gaming space. Online Teen Patti is somewhat the same as poker and is the same as the physical offline version and holds a significant place in the casino and gambling gaming space.  

Teen Patti when translated in English, is ‘Three Cards’ which is inspired by the British Game “Three Card Brag”. There is a staggeringly large number of casinos that offer Online Teen Patti Casino, which is intriguing and competitive at the same time. The Online Teen Patti card game is legal in India with thousands of people playing live with real money. This 3 to 7 player Teen Patti card game is played with a deck of 52 cards excluding the ‘Joker’ cards.

How to Play Online Teen Patti in India?

Teen Patti card game in India is a “game of chance” with the one receiving the best collection of cards wins. There is a dealer who distributes three cards to each player with the joker cards being discarded and the cards are distributed in an anticlockwise direction with their faces kept down. The dealer is the one who won the previous game and also is the player of the current game. So basically, the winner of the current hand becomes the dealer in the next hand. 

Once the dealer has distributed the cards. The next move is of the player sitting immediately next to the dealer’s left. The game moves further by making a call, and there are no limits to the number of bets. But the two players(maximum two) who reach the end have to compare their respective cards, and the one with the higher-ranking hand wins the hand.

Different Variations of Online Teen Patti?

Online Teen Patti offers a huge variation with a wide scope of winning, which is intriguing and interesting. And with the teen Patti online game you can play teen Patti with some fancy yet easy variations which are listed below:


If you play teen patti then Muflis or lowball is just the opposite of Teen Patti with the worst hand beating the player with best hands. So the ranking is reciprocated. If in case two players have the same hands then the player with lowest cards beats the other one. The most considerable and favourable hands are 2-3-5 or 3-4-7. For instance, if you have a hand of A-3-2 and the opponent has J-5-8, then the other player that is the opponent will be the winner. 


Under this category of variation, a player should try to get as close as possible to the number 9-9-9 of any suit, and it is allowed to switch the order of numbers as per preferences. Here the J, K, Q and 10 of any suit are equated as 0, number cards will have the same value as printed, and A will be considered as 1.  For instance, if you have 7-3-A, then the values become 7-3-1 and if 8-J-9, then the value can be interpolated as 9-8-J that is 9-8-0.


The name is derived from the AK47 rifles. Here the cards A, K,4 & 7 can be used in place of any other missing card of any suit. For example, if you have A-7-7 and the opponent has J-4-3. Then, you will be the winner. 

4x Boot

All the rules of 4x-boot are the same as standard teen patti with the only difference being the boot value multiplied four times the original value. With the help of this variation, you can increase the pot value rapidly. 

Closest to 555

Every player is given three cards, and they can exchange one from the pack during the first two rounds. With A, K, Q, J having the value 0 and the number cards from 2 to 9 having the same printed values. And the player who has reached closest to 5-5-5 wins the game.  

Online Teen Patti Card Game Rules

Online Teen patti game rules are quite simple and easy and mostly depend on the strength of your cards and your strategy to play. Casino Online teen patti rules are listed below:

  • There 3 to 7 players allowed playing with a deck of 52 cards and jokers are discarded.
  • Every player gets 3 cards with their faces down and moves in an anticlockwise direction.
  • A dealer is randomly chosen at the beginning of the game and goes on with the winner becoming the dealer.
  • The player sitting at the immediate left of the dealer starts betting.
  • Unlimited betting is permitted with only two players who survived till the end, the player with the highest-ranking hand wins the pot.

Hand Ranking of Cards 

Aces are the highest ranked followed by K, Q, J set, whereas the 2’s are the lowest in rankings. The purpose is to have a top three-card hand and to increase the pot. 

Below is the Online Teen Patti order of ranking from highest to lowest:

Trail or Set (three of the same rank)

Highest-AAA Lowest-222

3 cards of the same suit

E.g. K, Q, J of Club or 4, 5, 6 of heart.

3 cards of different suits but in sequence 

E.g. 6 of Club, 7 of Spade, and 8 of Diamond.

3 cards of the same suit but not in proper sequence  

E.g. 2, 5,8 of Heart.  

2 cards of the same rank

Highest rank is for pairs ( A, A, K) whereas the lowest being (2, 2, 3).

Boot Amount

Before dealing further with the cards a mutually decided booting amount is placed at the centre. It is contributed by every player. As the game moves on further, the money in the pot increases, and the winner wins it. Every player has a choice of betting in two ways – either seen or blind. So it is upto the players to choose either of them and place their bet. A blind player is not allowed to see their cards. So if the first player is a blind player has to bet an amount either equal or twice the boot amount. 

Is Online Teen Patti Legal to Play?

Unlike physical or offline teen patti, online teen patti card games are somewhat legal in India and are totally dependent on the respective states. Some states like Goa and Nagaland have permitted online teen patti partially. Some other states such as Maharashtra and Sikkim have declared it to be illegal as it includes the game of chance and not skill.

Gambling is governed under the “Public Gaming Act of 1867” which states: “…gambling includes any activity or undertaking whose determination is controlled or influenced by chance or accident or any activity or undertaking which is entered into or undertaken with a consciousness of the risk of winning or losing…” This does not talk about online gambling and since most online gambling operators belong outside India, Teen Patti can seem in the grey area and not illegal.

FAQ of Online Teen Patti Card Game

Q1. Is Teen Patti a game of chance or skill?

Ans. it is mostly dependent on your luck, so it is definitely a game of chance.

Q2. Can I play Online Teen Patti with real money?

Ans. Yes, you may, but Online Teen Patti is ideally not a game to be played with real money rather only meant for relieving stress and boredom.

Q3. Is there any trick or strategy for getting the best cards in online teen patti?

Ans. No, but there are blogs stating some strategies which are not yet scrutinized to be accurate. 

Q4. Can I play teen patti game unlimited with real money prizes?

Ans. Yes, there is some online teen patti casino that offers to play with real-time money but make sure to check its accuracy and legitimacy. 

Q5. How to win at Teen Patti?

Ans. The best way in which you can win the game is by getting three of a kind variation