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Red Tiger was established in 2014 by a group of industry experts willing to break free from the norm. They had experienced an evolution in casino games in Europe and Asia. They employ the number of a skilled workforce of more than 250 mathematicians, software developers, audio engineers, gambling experts, graphic designers, and even recruited secret magicians. All employees followed to never-ending enhancing the player experience.

The global gaming software leaders have recently acknowledged acquiring Red Tiger Gaming in a deal worth up to £223 million. This makes Red Tiger an even stronger push to be reckoned with and will undoubtedly provide new opportunities and growth, not just for Red Tiger but the industry as a whole.

Red Tiger Gaming Slots’ Special Features

One noteworthy feature of Red Tiger Slots is their Daily Drop Jackpot Network. Launched in April 2019, it is reported that Red Tiger has paid more than £2.5 million in just 4 months, which is impressive. Their Jackpots include:

  • Daily Drop jackpots that pay every 24 hours
  • Rapid jackpots that pay before a certain amount
  • Mega progressive Drop jackpots

Each jackpot is bound to a single casino or casino group. This is an interesting addition to the out dating slot gaming system on the market. 

The number of Red Tiger’s casino games are playable on various platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, and tablets. You can check for availability before deciding to play on other devices.

Daily Drop Jackpots and Hourly Drop Jackpots

Growing jackpot games have vast appeal because they have big potential jackpots. But whereas they can make one an instant millionaire if ones get super lucky, months can go by before the ideal payout. Red Tiger came up with an amazing plan and is excited to be in on it!

It is called Must Drop Jackpots, and they are tied to many of our top Red Tiger slot games. They provide the ideal balance between progressive jackpot thrills and more numbers wins. It means developing jackpot-winning potential on an hourly and daily basis.

How Must Do Drop Jackpots Work?

Like traditional growing jackpots, these Must Drop Jackpots are bound to a network, with a portion of each wager included in the pot.

The contrast is that they are time-bound. That means there is a specific, pre-set timespan in which the jackpots must be awarded.

On digital platforms, there are two such options. There is the Daily Drop Jackpot that is drawing out every single day. The Hourly Drop Jackpot is awarded every hour of the day, guaranteed. However, the exact moment within those timeframes is a puzzle, which is an amazing part.

It is important to observe that as the Daily Drop Jackpot normally has sufficient time to grow, it is usually the bigger of the two in terms of prize money. On average, it’s known to reach between £40,000 and £50,000, though it can sometimes be less, depending on the number of players participating on any particular day.

The Hourly Drop Jackpot, on the other side, whereas generally smaller, is more frequently available, making it a potentially easier win.

Either way, while neither of these jackpots will make you a spontaneous millionaire; there are normally decent sums up for hold that we are confident all players will enjoy.

The Way to Play Drop Jackpot Games

We have selected to add the Daily and Hourly Must Drop Jackpots to many players of our favorite Red Tiger slot games.

This permits you to play games you already know and like with an added excitement and chance of winnings.

To win the jackpot, you need to land three Jackpot symbols during regular gameplay to turn on the Jackpot Wheel. You then spin the wheel to determine which of the Must Drop Jackpots you win. Simple as that


Red Tiger Must Drop Jackpot games are a welcome addition to the various online platforms. The number of players had been anticipating their arrival as much as people had, and with good reason.

We are certain they’ll be a big success by combining extra wins – of more than decent sums at a high frequency – with amazing slots play on games.

And if you’ve yet to try it for yourself; we’ll say: it is highly recommended to discover all the stirs of the Must Drop Jackpot games.

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