Play Dragon Tiger Game Online | Online Dragon Tiger Game in India

The advancement of technology has come to the point where you don’t even have to go to a casino to place your bets anymore. You can conveniently play games from your home, as they are now available on your phone or laptop. Plus you can play many traditional games online in live casinos. Online Live Dragon Tiger, also known as the two-card version of Baccarat, is a flourishing game that doesn’t even require you to be a casino expert. The Dragon Tiger rules are very simple to understand. And once you get the hang of the Dragon Tiger card games, you will be positively addicted. 

You can now play live Dragon Tiger in India with Indian currency and Indian players. Whenever you are playing an online betting game, make sure you play only on authentic sites and save yourself from getting scammed. Dragon Tiger online casinos are widely available. The betting generally starts at just ₹50. You can gradually increase the amount as you get more and more confident.

How to play Online Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger online is open for any level of player. It is a game that requires luck more than skills. Although the experience might give you the upper hand, because you might understand the basic mathematical probability, it still would not guarantee you success.

Land-based casinos might be hard to catch up to, but Dragon Tiger Online casinos are easier to understand and learn the game from. The Dragon Tiger Card game is usually played with a standard deck of cards. Based on gut feeling, or by statistical calculations, the player then places his/her bet on competing cards, either the Dragon or the Tiger. The side which gets the upper hand on the card wins. Since each round takes around 25 seconds, it is a fast game that will get you hooked on to play one more round. 

In this card game, the players do not play against the dealer, or against each other, but against their chances of getting the highest card value. 

After the cards are dealt, there could be three possible outcomes: you can win the bet, or lose the bet, or the game can be a tie. “Suited tie” option is available in Dragon Tiger Online casinos, which offer higher payout options.  

Rules of Online Live Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger rules are simple. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. The Dragon Tiger game rules starts when the player places his bet, on either the Dragon or the Tiger. Then one card, face-up, is given to both sides, and the card with the higher value wins. 

Only a single card is drawn for both Dragon and Tiger, with no additional cards whatsoever. The ace card has the lowest value, 1, while the other number of cards have their respective number value. The Jack will either be 10, or 11. The Queen will be 10, or 12, and the King will be 10 or 13. These are some minor changes that can be brought in different types of Dragon Tiger card games.  

The two cards then decide on the outcome of the game. If the cards are in favour of the Dragon, then they payout is 1:1. It is the same in case of the Tiger, 1:1. If the player placed his bet on a “push”, i.e., tie, then the payout is 11:1. Although the payout is higher, the risk is also higher. If it was a “suited tie” bet, then the payout is 50:1. It is a “suited tie” when it is a tie with the same colour. Again, the higher the risk, the higher the profit.

It is one of the simplest games in online casinos, and thus attracts a lot of players. 

Different types of Live Dragon Tiger Games

You can play live Dragon Tiger on different web sites. It is becoming popular day by day in the live web casino industry and is continuously added on more and more sites. Some sites are enhancing their features, and some even get their game copyrighted. It can be accessed through any phone, and the app version is also available for more convenience. Live dragon is a variant of baccarat itself so there are no other variants of it.

Online Live Dragon Tiger strategy 

If you are looking for some Dragon Tiger game tips, you might be disappointed, because Live Dragon Tiger Online is a very simple and easy game but it is mostly based on luck. Hence, you cannot exactly have a strategy or a technique of winning. Since the outcome depends on the odds or your “luck”, having a Dragon Tiger strategy would make no sense.

The only advice that most of the frequent players give is to place bets that give the least payout opportunity or advantage to the house. The “push” bet is usually the most in favour of the house, so you must try to avoid them unless you are having an incredibly lucky day.

Taking risks might sound very exciting when you are enjoying the game, but try not to bet high amounts of cash to save yourself from a major loss. Online Dragon Tiger will always be in favour of the house, but you at least get to make sure they get the minimum house edge. This is by placing your bets on either Dragon or Tiger, and not betting on a tie. 

You can use the card counting technique to know which card the house plays to win. If you are aware of how many suits have been played, and how many are left in the deck, you can use it in your advantage. 

These can be some Dragon Tiger strategy or Dragon Tiger game tips that you can use to increase your odds of winning. 

FAQ of Online Dragon Tiger Game

Over the years, there have been many questions arising on the Online Live Dragon Tiger games. Here are a few answered questions:

Q: Is Dragon Tiger online legal in India?

A: Yes, Dragon Tiger online casino is legal. You can play your favourite game easily.

Q: Can I play Online live Dragon Tiger game for free?

A: Sadly, playing Online live Dragon Tiger requires an entry fee. In some Dragon Tiger online casinos, you might have the option of watching other players play. This can help you get familiarized with the gameplay and can keep you entertained.

Q: Should I play the tie bet?

A: The professional player’s advice to avoid the tie bet due to high house edge. And the suited tie is considered even worse. But of course, it is your decision in the end.

Q: Is there a winning strategy for Dragon Tiger card game?

A: Dragon Tiger card game is a very simple and exciting game. It does not have any strategies as such, and one must try to keep it that way to enjoy the game better. After a few rounds, you can easily predict the game and place your bets accordingly. 

Q: Are Dragon Tiger and Baccarat same game?

A: Dragon Tiger is a variant of Baccarat and play a little differently even though they might have similar gameplay. The house edge in Online Dragon Tiger is more than Baccarat. 

Q: Is live Dragon Tiger rigged?

A: No, it is not rigged. But always try to play it from authentic sites, so you don’t risk losing your money or your personal information.