Play Lightning Dice – Rules, Payouts & Strategy

Are you a little enthusiast about gambling, bingo winning, or sudden cash earning? If yes, we have a particular term for you it’s Lighting Dice. This article will highlight the plays, playouts, and rules of this particular gambling. 

What’s a Lighting Dice?

Lightning Dice is an Evolution-exclusive game that is both stunning and immensely fun. The Game Presenter throws three regular Dice into the translucent ”Illuminating Stack.” Performers can track the cubes as they fall downwards the structure’s labyrinth parts thanks to the close-ups of the cameras. Participants wager on the aggregate of the triple diced when all of them arrive at the foot of the tower. Participants can also use a toggle to wager all Sixteen betting spots. It’s known as the ‘Bet on the Ball’. Lighting dice is popular among gambling panel game performers and slot and winning prize enthusiasts. This is a reasonable, however fun dice activity with arbitrary multiplication that is an expansion of the distinguished Lightening denomination.

Lighting Dice plays

In short words, Lighting dice is very easy to play. The dealing person rolls all the triple Dice together. The gambler or participant has to guess the ultimate number. If it’s right, the dealer will lose, and they have to pay the prize money to the performer. But there are some extra playing steps—Let’s know.

Step 1: Placing the bets

You wager on what you believe the aggregate number of all triple dices will be following the rolling. Anyone can gamble as many times as they like using lightning dice. Individuals can bet on just one amount or all of them. It is a unique button. It’s the mastermind of the Lighting dice game. The button is called ”Bet on the ball”.

Step 2: Wait for the rolling Dice.

The system spins the dice after the dealer places them on top of it and then strides downwards to yank a lever, and you observe all of them get on downwards. The lighting procedure starts once the presenter has thrown the Dice. As a result, a specific amount will be selected at random. The picked amount would be rewarded with an extra significant sum. This procedure is viewable displayed as it occurs.

Step3: See the final result

The mechanism rolls the cubes, and all of the lands are on the bottom line of the rolling machine. The cameras latch down immediately on the player at that point, allowing individuals to witness the result of the rolling. The lucky figure would be visible, and the operator would proclaim it. If anyone succeeds, they will get paid similarly.

Lighting Dice Playouts

Now it’s the time to announce the most awaited part: the bonus playouts.

The basic playout

Suppose you have bet $10 and predicted the winning number 20. If you win, you will get $10×20= $200 as a bonus.

Here are all of the sum and playouts.

  • 3- 150x
  • 4- 50x
  • 5- 25x
  • 6- 15x
  • 7- 10x
  • 8- 7x
  • 9-  6x
  • 10- 5x
  • 11- 5x
  • 12- 6x
  • 13- 7x
  • 14- 10x
  • 15- 15x
  • 16- 25x
  • 17- 50x
  • 18- 150x

Playout example

The chances of obtaining each combo of a lighting dice are different. Specific pairings appear relatively often than alternatives. As a result, the payments for the fewer probable combinations are more significant. For instance, there is a single method to obtain a final of eighteen by multiplying the digits on every throw. This is done by rolling all triple cubes and receiving a six. Because this is relatively common, the payment is more considerable. There are twenty-seven unique methods the numerals on every dice can join to make a maximum of 10. Consequently, ten is the most common number, but the payment is more diminutive.

Lighting Dice Rules

The rules are-

Know the results and then bet

It would help if you remembered that betting on the most probable outcomes increases your chance of winning. There are many more combinations than several other online casinos; it’s better to secure winning by betting on Probably winning numeric, such as 8,9,10,11,12, 13.

Always bet on 3 & 18

As previously stated, numbers 3 and 18 are the relatively uncommon but least gratifying results. That’s why experts advise everyone to wager on such two digits. It doesn’t need to be a large wager because it will be rewarded by 150 if it wins. If Lighting strikes it until the Dice are rolled, it may be much higher.


Lighting dice is indeed nothing but a spin of your good luck. But, if you know the basics, playouts and rules, it might help you

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