Play Lightning Blackjack Game – Rules & Strategy

In this game review, we take a more in-depth gander at Evolution Gaming’s new blackjack game called Lightning Blackjack. If you have played Lightning Roulette previously, you will be acquainted with a big motivator for lightning. The lightning implies that success multipliers are added to the ongoing interaction for conceivable improved payouts. Subsequently, you can now play live blackjack with upgraded winning chances. How about we investigate the interactivity and how they executed the new components of multipliers into the game.

How to play lightning blackjack?

So the base interactivity of blackjack continues as before in Lightning Blackjack. Furthermore, the equation for good blackjack is not exemplary for not a great explanation. If you are recent to blackjack, examine our Live Blackjack page. You will track down data on the best way to play blackjack: the essential principles and the entire Blackjack procedure graph.

The game beginnings with a wagering round that endures 15 seconds; pick a coin’s worth and put down your bet.

Assuming the seller gets an expert, protection is proposed to the player.

Presently it is the ideal time to settle on 1 of 4 decisions:

Part – split a couple into two hands.

Twofold – twofold the total bet and take one more card.

If you don’t pick a choice, the game settles on a programmed choice. Assuming the worth of the hand is not exactly or equivalent to 11, it hits, and on the off chance that 12 or more, it will stand.

What’s more, assuming the hand is lower in esteem than the vendor’s, it’s a losing hand.

At long last, if the hand esteem is higher than the vendor, you win.

Lightning blackjack game rules

How about we view how it contrasts and the distinctions and standard blackjack. Lightning Blackjack incorporates a shoe with eight decks of cards. As this multiplier is added, you have a programmed lightning expense determined on your primary bet for each round. This lightning charge is equivalent to 100 percent of your principal bet. Hence, the lightning charge should be visible as a side bet. There could be no opposite side wagers in this blackjack rendition. On the off chance that you win the hand, your appointed winning multiplier is persisted to the following round. In all actuality, you want to win sequential hands to profit from the success multipliers.

Contingent upon the worth of your triumphant hand, you will get an alternate multiplier. The merit of the multiplier is set with RNG and ranges from 2x to 25x. Higher-merit hands generally have better multipliers. In dissimilarity to other blackjack games, all players on the table play a similar hand. Like this, regardless of whether you stand, others might, in any case, take an additional card, which prompts different last hands for players.

Lightning blackjack wagering strategy

The suggested technique for normal blackjack is certifiably not a suggested system for Lightning Blackjack. Notwithstanding, we, in all actuality, do suggest learning the essential system over at our blackjack page to get the game better on the off chance that you are new to the game. It will let you know when to hit or remain and, surprisingly, twofold down and part. We propose that you don’t begin playing blackjack without this essential game comprehension.

What we suggest is noticing a few game rounds of Infinity Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack. This way, you will comprehend how the activity unfurls. Dissimilar to customary blackjack games, you’ll constantly remain on 17 or more, yet in this game, you will observe players taking additional cards for an opportunity to land a higher aggregate and hence a special multiplier. Applying this high gamble methodology will just set you back a truckload of cash, as more often than not, your hand will bust. Advancements are putting money on furthermore, this.


At Live Casino Indiana, we generally survey all live games equitably. At first, we thought Lightning Blackjack had great potential. After extreme testing, we can reason that the house has a gigantic edge here against players. In this way, you might lose a truckload of cash rapidly. If you go on a series of wins for specific enormous multipliers, you can win cash. However, you’ll require a ton of karma, as you can’t matter a strong technique in this game. If you want to play this game, pick one of our prescribed clubs to play at and ensure you have a strong betting bankroll close by

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