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JILI created the fish-shooting game Royal Fishing Game. It has Thunderbolt Lobster, Serial Bomb Crab, and Drill Bit Lobster. With Royal Fishing Game, take an exciting underwater trip and dive into the ocean’s depths. This alluring casino gaming experience was created by JILI Games. It blends the excitement of striking it rich with the thrill of the chase.

Royal Fishing Game welcomes players of all skill levels, regardless of experience level. You will come across a wide variety of species in this underwater setting. Each with unique traits and benefits. But Royal Fishing Game is more than catching fish. It’s also about opening up a wealth of bonuses, prizes, and unique features that will captivate you.

How to play JILI Royal Fishing Game

Recognizing the Game’s Mechanisms

Target Management (Auto-shoot)

In Royal Fishing Game, target control—also referred to as auto-shoot—is one of the main mechanisms. With the help of this feature, players can choose whatever fish they want to kill as their victim. Your weapon will begin to fire at the chosen fish until it is either caught or is able to escape once it has been locked on.

Selecting Your Weapon

The weapon you choose has a big impact on how you play. Because different firearms have different capacities for firepower. It’s important to plan your approach. Whether you like heavy artillery or rapid fire, your choice of weapon will affect how well you do in the game.

Bet Modification

Take a minute to adjust the bet before firing off your first shot. With the variety of betting options offered by JILI Royal Fishing Game. You may change your bet to fit your preferred approach. Greater benefits may be possible with larger bets, but smaller bets offer a more relaxed pace.

Choosing Your Paylines and Bet

It’s time to explore the gameplay in more detail when you’ve mastered the basic principles of the game. To increase your chances of winning, you must know how to lay bets and read paylines.

Choosing the Gaming Area

Four different gaming rooms, each with its own special prizes and challenges. They are available at Royal Fishing Gaming:

  • Ecstasy Room (Bet limit: 0.1 to 10): Great for first-time anglers wishing to get their fishing career started.
  • King’s Room: Designed for gamers looking for larger stakes and more meaningful prizes (bet limit (1 to 80).
  • Qianlong Room (10–100 bet limit): Suitable for experienced hunters looking for the biggest challenge.
  • VIP Room (10–100 bet limit): Reserved for high-rolling fishermen looking for the most thrills. 

The room you select should reflect your aim and degree of skill. Make an informed decision depending on your goals and experience. Since each chamber has a different mix of obstacles and rewards.

Gaining skill in these game basics and knowing your way around game rooms, paylines. And bet modifications will prepare you well for your Royal Fishing Game journey. Now set out, aim, and prepare to reel in incredible rewards in this amazing undersea world.

Royal Fishing’s Game Features

They have features like unique fish for earning bonuses. JILI Royal Fishing is an appealing game. Let’s read each of them in more detail below.

Unique Fish for Bonus Winnings

The Royal Fishing Game offers unique fish with unique qualities. They have the potential to yield major rewards and awards. Your chances of a large win increase when you fish for these unique fish. Since they provide your experience with depth and variety.

Drill Bit Lobster

After you shoot the drill bit lobster, observe how the bit pierces the fish and then explodes on its own. This is a great chance to catch more than one fish in the explosion range. The secret to mastering this feature is precise shooting.

Thunderbolt Lobster

If you come across the Thunderbolt Lobster. You will get an exciting 15-second free play period. Switch to Thunderbolt Turret mode to activate automatic shooting. To enjoy this exciting incentive and increase your winnings, timing is essential.

Thunderous Consecutive Hit

Until you choose to turn off targeting. The Thunder Consecutive Hit function shocks neighboring fish with a chain lightning effect. At its best, it’s thrilling entertainment. And the key to success is strategic targeting.

Serial Bomb Crab

The Serial Bomb Crab introduces large-scale chaos. It allows you to catch fish that fall inside the explosion range and set off a large-scale explosion. To get the most out of your profits, you must choose your targets and shoot at the right times.

The Ancient Crocodile and Golden Toad, the Eternal Boss

As long as the game features the immortal bosses. The Ancient Crocodile and Golden Toad, you can keep winning prizes until they leave. It takes skill and willpower to defeat these powerful opponents. And the longer they remain, the more you stand to gain.

Chainlong King Wheel

The Chainlong King Wheel will start when the Chainlong King is captured. To observe the multiplier rate. The player can multiply the numbers of the outer and inner circles. They can do so by selecting the pointer to stop the timer. The largest multiplier rate is 350 times your initial wager. In this thrilling feature, strategy and chance collide.


A combination of undersea fun and casino thrills may be found in JILI Royal Fishing Game. It is a great option for players who are looking for undersea experience. Cast your line and descend into the depths of this unique gaming experience

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