How To Play Jeetwin Animal Fishing Slots Games

Animal Fishing Slots is an extremely popular slot game from the house of the game software developer KA Gaming. There is nothing complex about this game – it is just catching fishes virtually on the screen and winning cash prizes. The theme of the game is so amazing and thrilling that even the kids would enjoy it. The game starts with a typical sunny afternoon scene and the main character of the game is the raccoon who is sitting beside the river trying to catch fishes.

The scene on the screen is further adorned by the presence of colorful windmills, apple trees and also a rocking horse. To please the players, a happy melody tune song is used as the background theme of the game – quite resembling how the children’s shows appear on the screen. Players must have the disclaimer that this game can be quite addictive once you start to play it.

How to Play Animal Fishing Slots?

Let us have a close look at how to play Animal Fishing Slots.

It is a very simple game to play and the steps are damn easy to get started with.

The first step is to click on the bet button. As you do it, a pop up options menu appears on the screen. Now select the price that you would want to pay for each spin. After the selection is over, you will be returned back to the home screen.

Now begins the game. Click on the spin button present centrally to start playing the game. As you start playing, the price will be the one already chosen by you. It is also possible to automatically spin on this platform multiple times. The game is designed to allow 200 automatic spins per player. The player can even tap on the wheels while it is already rotating and end the game sooner.

On the right hand side of the spin button on the screen, there lies a button labeled bet max. Clicking on this button increases the bet amount to the maximum bet sum pre-chosen. All you have to do is click on “Confirm” when the dialogue box opens up.

For the settings – some easily accessible quick buttons are available – for example, the (I) button for the information button that optimizes the screen size of the paytable to the maximum, enlarging it to the fullest. For controlling the game sound, the player can tap on the triple menu baron the screen. The same is applicable for accessing the game history as well.

Payout and Returns from the Gameplay

Now that we have discussed enough about the game play and controls, it is now time to discuss the RTP and Payout. For any game that involves monetary transactions, the primary driving force for the player community is concentric around these two factors. Talking about game volatility, there is practically no information from the game developers yet. That means, there is no valid document that talks of the games’ details on volatility. But, what is evident from the player’s reviews is that the game does have pretty high volatility like most other games typically coined for the Asian audience. Just like online slots, the winning streak can truly be advantageous for the players.

But if you truly want to see your bankroll soaring high, you have to wait for some time (at least till you complete 500 spins). The range of games is around 2 to 10,000 per game. This is really a wide one that attracts plenty of players. The best and also the most unique part of the game is that – there is no extravagance in this game – the interface is so simple – just plain fish catching. That is all and yet the game is so interesting and addictive. While players might presume that the fishes flock only on the water surface, there are plenty of fishes in the deeper layers of the water.


If you truly enjoy simple gaming and online slots, this one is truly the best for you. You can now play the game in the demo mode, without even registering on the platform. The autoplay and progressive jackpot features are interesting. Play free slots in the demo mode on popular online casino gaming platforms and enjoy. The theme, graphics and whimsical cartoon style visuals are so peaceful and calming that it would emit a relaxing vibe at the end of the day. Just catch a fish and win desirable prizes through the Animal Fishing Slots game.

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