Play Jacks or Better Video Poker for Real Money

Here is a big shoutout to all the poker lovers because we are now going to talk about one of the best and most profitable game versions of Poker for them. Jacks or Better is one of the finest and most incredibly yielding video poker options. With an overwhelming high rate of success, jacks or better video poker is also one of the easiest versions of poker to learn. It gets even easier if you have ever played the five card draw poker game. Getting the basics is no rocket science and with a bit of experience – you are all set to rock.

Jacks or Better Video Poker – How to Play?

The central concept of the game is that – the lowest hand will have a pair of Jacks in the game. Rest of the rules are quite similar in fact exactly identical to be precise with the basic standard poker version. Let us now reiterate the basics of the game

The payout of the game will be handed at the end of each round and will completely depend on the hand straight. The game starts with each player receiving five random cards after they have placed a bet. Hold on to any of the cards and then if you wish, replace the others and guess what this is for free. After you are done replacing the pre existing cards with random ones from the deck, a final resultant card deck will be formed. This final hand will ultimately decide the payout.

Understanding Game Payout

As far as payout is concerned, it is evident from the name. To recover a successful payout from the game, the player needs to have either a Jack or a Better. For example, if you end up with one pair of Jacks, the payout will be 1X that clearly means simply getting back the wager. Similar type of payout will persist for the pair of Aces, Kings and Queens. Here are the card combinations for which payout will be higher than just the wager

  • Two, Three or Four Pair of similar kinds of cards
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Full House
  • Royal Straight Flush

Refer to the dealt cards for the payout details associated with each one to clearly understand how much you can expect from the cards.

Usually the payout is the same for all the online versions of the game that you play. Even there is no variation for the odds even. The game starts with 52 cards in a standard deck. This deck is reshuffled after each round to prevent any discrepancy. It is always best to lower the coin value as the game level advances. With every level you move up the payouts are multiplied. With the royal flush, the payout shoots up significantly. You might think that lowering the coin value would be beneficial at higher levels since the payout gets multiplied with the level advancement. But, this is precisely to keep the bet amount the same, lower the risk and also ensure that the win is feasible.

Jacks or Better Video Poker- Gaming Strategy

There is no such intense strategy to implement to get better game results. All you can do is play out a combination of some calculated moves. And expect that your payout and gaming experience will be better. Also, if you are a pro player who is well accustomed with the basic gameplay and strategies. You can definitely use a cheat sheet. The role of the cheat sheet is to help devise moves that will make winning more profitable. The RTP of the game with almost every online casino is 99.54% which is very close to Blackjack. Here are some of the best tricks that can help you maximize the winnings at Jacks or Better game:

  • If the cards dealt to you consist of only one high value card, stand only for it. Draw new cards for all the four other card spaces. Similarly, if you have one pair of high value cards hold on to it. While you draw cards for the three other card spaces.
  • Hold all your cards to the straight or flush move, unless your game is simply one card or a move away from the Royal Flush. It is probably the best move you can make.
  • In case you have Ace and a suited 10 and you are unable to decide which one to hold, hold the Ace.

Choose the right game and practice free demo sessions of Jacks or Better video poker to understand more and access the best winnings.

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