How to Play Indian Dice Online – Strategy & Tips

Welcome to another blog. So, in this blog, am going to let you know about the methods and some tips by which you can play the most famous Indian Dice Game amazingly. When we talk about the 90s, this game used to play with a group of people using 2 Dice. They through them and move ahead according to the total number of dots that they added with both Dices. As time passed, the developers of today’s generation launched this game Online, which means the lovers of the Indian Dice game can play it by using their Android or iOS Apple devices. 

How to Play Indian Dice Online?

Indian Dice is a little different from other games, whether real or virtual. This game can only be played with a limit of 4 players. You can start this game with two players and stretch the limit to only four players. When you play, you will need to have a good time because this game can take you more than half an hour. When we talk about the real Dice game, you will get a board in which the board is divided into four parts with different combinations of colors such as yellow, green, blue, and red. The format of the Online Dice game is also the same.

Numbers are thrown using six dice. The numbers from one to six are written on each dice. These are very tiny cubes with the required number of dots. A total of four playing pieces are given to each participant. Each player begins the game by placing their four playing pieces in the square area at the bottom of the board. Before the game can begin, the players’ starting order must be determined by a dice roll.

How Can a Player Win an Indian Online Dice Game?

Winning any game is not my cup of tea. If you want to win any match, you need to have a good strategy first. Don’t play any game in a rush. Keep your mind calm and then try to understand the opponent’s strategy; then, you will be able to defeat them till the end of the match. When it comes to winning Indian Dice Online Game, players must conduct a comprehensive circle around the board using all four of their gaming parts, starting from the center and ending at the center.

Players must toss an accurate amount by using their dice to return to the middle of the board. When a player completes with and against their gaming piece, the other players’ serving parts are leaned to the side to indicate that the playing piece has completed the round.

The Game Board’s Posture

The layout of the game is in the shape of a cross, with four arms extending upwards, downwards, and also two directions so that players don’t need to face hassle while moving forward. Each arm comprises three neighboring columns, each with eight dots.

Three squares represent Castles on each arm. On the game board, there are a total number of sixty-eight squares. A big square of the layout sits in the center of the board. The gameplay layout allows players to capture their opponent’s gaming component and return it to the center of the board. Players must place the performing component over the same tile as their opponent to capture their opponent’s gaming component.

Whenever a player sends their opponent’s playing piece closer to the middle of the panel, the competitor can only move their component out of the middle when they toss the numbers Twenty-Five, Ten, or Six, commonly known as “Joy.”

Where is the game available?

Players will need to go on the Google Play Store, which is readily available on any device, and then they will be able to install it into their devices. Some players of the modern generation still are unaware of this game and which is not a good thing. Through this game, I aim to send this old traditional game to every child of our modern generation. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are some basic information that every player, especially newbies should take care of before starting the Indian Dice Online Game. This game will be going to be very interesting for every new player. This is not related to any battle royale games but will give you a memorable time with your family and friends.

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