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Funky Time, the newest and hot live casino game from Evolution Gaming, launched in May 2023. It’s time to get down. If you enjoyed their global smash, Crazy Time. Then, get ready to be blown away by this next-level masterpiece. Which is sure to top all previous game show releases. Dress to impress, put your bets, and watch the wheel spin as you are taken back to the funky disco period of the 1970s.

Funky Time is no exception to Evolution’s tradition of mixing state-of-the-art features. Some of the craziest bonus rounds you’ll ever see are in this game. In the BAR bonus, you can select a special drink that is served by a robot and comes with a win multiplier. Then there is the Disco Bonus, where you will dance with Mr. Funky and collect multiplier values. You can increase your earnings in the Stayin’ Alive Bonus by playing a bingo-style game. The VIP Disco Bonus, the coolest of them all. It will have you hit the dance floor once more with multipliers that can reach a mind-blowing 1,500x.

In this article, we will discuss about Funky Time’s gameplay. Also bonuses and winning tactics that will increase your chances of making a profit. 

How to play

Funky Time is an easy game that streams live and is modeled after a TV show. The game are rules are as simple as possible. Which makes playable for both seasoned players and casino beginners. Like Crazy Time, it is based on a rotating wheel with 64 distinct betting locations. The players need to place bets in the place they believe the wheel will stop in. In the sectors, there are letters, numbers, and bonus symbols.

Choose one of the options on the bet board to begin playing, such as a Bonus Symbol, a Set of Letters, or a Set of Numbers. Then, place your bet on the selected sector. The live dealer will spin the wheel after all bets have been placed, and if it lands in your chosen sector, you win!

One factors that defines Funky Time from other casino games is the huge environment it creates. You can get into the groove at this disco-themed studio, which has live dealers and funky music. After that, put on your dance shoes and get ready to boogie to Funky Time.

Funky Time Bonus game

We’re familiar with the chance of huge payouts during bonus rounds on live game shows. And Funky Time is no different. Let’s look at these four exciting bonuses. And how they work since they may all be activated from the wheel in this game.

Bar Bonus

Funky Time Live features The Bar Bonus, which occupies six positions on the wheel. The Evolution robot bartender will welcome you during this bonus. And offer you three delightful drink choices. Each of which conceals a special multiplier that will be added to the amount you bet. Can you select the ideal beverage for a night out? Your talent for selecting drinks will soon be made clear.

Disco Bonus

Are you a dancing genius or a symbol of clumsiness? The Disco Bonus gives you the chance to dance with Mr. Funk. This bonus shows background features a rotating wheel. And other revelers having a good time and swaying to the music. Mr. Funky’s trajectory will be based on the wheel spin during this round. Any multipliers that stand in his path will be grabbed. If you can follow his groovy moves and leave with some sizable awards. The incentive ends as he leaves the dance floor. 

Staying Alive Bonus

Without adding Stayin’ Alive, one of the greatest and oldest songs of all time. The disco-themed Funky Time game would not be complete. This popular song has won its place in music history and is a must of disco culture. But let’s return to the thrilling game’s bonus round. With its electrifying Stayin’ Alive Bonus, Evolution’s Mega Ball is given a new spin. Before the bonus starts, you’ll be eager to choose a ball from the colors of green, purple, or orange. As each ball is taken out of the machine, the multiplier meter for that ball increases. Once all of the bonus balls have been drawn, the multiplier value of the selected ball is applied to your bet. Put on your dancing shoes to increase your chances of winning with the Stayin’ Alive Bonus.

VIP Disco Bonus

It is clear that the VIP Disco Bonus might result in incredible multipliers. When you turn on this feature. There will be multipliers of 50x, 250x, 500x, and a stunning 1,500x all around the dance floor. I hope Mr. Funky is kept busy by the spinning wheel and receives as many massive multipliers. When he departs the dance floor, the round is over. 


Funky Time is an exciting game of chance with an easy. It has simple-to-learn structure, a variety of betting options, and thrilling bonus rounds. Funky Time has become a fan favorite so rapidly. Because of its special blend of disco-themed excitement and the chance to win big. Funky Time is a fun and exciting experience that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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