Learn How to Play Fan Tan Online Card Game

Online card games have been gaining popularity now that people are getting more comfortable with the digital world. One such game is Fan Tan online card game, It can now be played online with the same rules as any brick-and-mortar casino and is enjoyed by millions of people. Fan Tan card at an online casino is usually played with a dealer who generally flips over a full cup of beads. Players place predictions on the outcome.

People love the idea of playing games online that they wanted to from the comfort of their home.  Fan Tan card game was developed by Chinese immigrants in the early 90s and was played in casinos by many people.

What Is The Fan Tan Online Card Game?

Fan Tan is a 90s game designed to play by three to seven players. The game became popular with the Chinese immigrants who were in the US and played it across San Francisco. It has many other names like Sevens, Domino, Super Sevens, Stops, etc. The game is very easy to play and simple to understand.

The main objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards. The playing rules of the card game with real money is almost the same as with free fan tan online casino. You can practise the game first in the free version to develop your skills and then bet your real money. 

You can’t always rely on the luck of the hand you initially deal. To be able to play at a high level, you should know the mechanics of the game and have a good level of skill set. If you wish to play this game, you can either download the Fan Tan online card game app or directly use the browser for fast action.

Fan Tan Card Game Rules: Dealers

This version of the game is what you will mostly find in Fan Tan online casinos. It is a player v/s house game. The players will have many options to make a bet or bets in front of them.

The dealer will pick up some number of beads and put them inside a cup. The cup is then placed out of sight. The players then make their bets and wait for the dealer to display the beads and count them. The dealer uses a special wand to group them into four.

In some Fan Tan online casinos, the dealers use cards in place of beads. In this case, 6 or 12 playing cards are used. The cards are worth their numbers mentioned on them and the ace, jack, queen and king are worth 1, 11, 12, 13 points respectively.

In this version of the game, the dealer adds up the total from 6 or 12 cards and divides the total by 4. The remainder from the division is treated as the winning number. 

Fan Tan Card Game Rules

 #The basics

Here are few basic fan tan card rules:

  • The ideal number of players is four but you can also play with 3, 5, or 6 players
  • Time required to finish the game is at least half an hour
  • A standard 52 card deck is used without the joker in it 
  • All the cards from 2 to 10 are worth their face value, the ace is worth 1 point and jack, queen and king and worth 11, 12, and 13 respectively

Fan Tan online rules are as follows:

#How to deal  

To decide who will deal first, a random person distributes a card to every player facing up. The one who gets a Jack of any deck gets the chance to deal the first hand. The dealer then passes the cards to players clockwise facing down. If you are playing with four players, the distribution of the cards will be equal. If 3, 5 or 6 people are playing, then some would get more cards than their counter players. But this does not affect the game, and the disproportion gets rectified when the game starts.


The Objective is to get rid of all the cards with you before the other players manage to do so.

Play: The game starts from the player who is in the immediate left from the dealer. At the game, If the player has a 7 in his deck, he has to place that card on the table at its centre facing up. Hence, If he does not have a 7, he passes to the next person on the seating arrangement.

If the player puts a seven on the table, the next person has to lay down a card which is one number below or higher than card 7. For example, if a 7 of spades is thrown, then the other player has to throw either a 6 of a spade or an 8 of the spade on the table face up. The first person to be able to manage getting rid of all the cards first is the winner of the game.

How Do You Play At A Fan Tan Online Casino?

Here are the steps to play Fan Tan online casino:

  • Join a Casino: First, do your research and join a pre-approved online Fan Tan casino by signing up on it.
  • Make a deposit: Now, make a deposit to the online casino through debit card, credit card, e-wallet or any other approved payment method.
  • Place your bets: Make your bets online from different options. 
  • Flip the beads: Everything is done now. After making the bets, the dealer is now set to reveal those beads and start counting. You just have to hope for the best.

Fan Tan Card Online Game: Strategies

To play and win in Fan Tan card games, you need some fundamental Fan tan online strategies. The tactic starts if you have more than one card to play with. 

  • The first step you should do is to look at your suit for the end cards that are the high and low cards, assuming that the player has more than one payable card. 
  • The end cards present a whole lot of problems as it is difficult to get rid of them till every other card has been dealt with. This generally happens towards the end, so that means you will have to hold them for a certain amount of time. 
  • The strategy is to pursue other players to play the card suit in which you are holding the end cards.
  • Another Fan Tan card strategy is to keep a hold of your 5,6,8 and 9 cards. These are known as stopper cards because they block other players while playing but do not affect your own play. It helps you by stooping the counter players from adding to that pile on the table and getting rid of their cards. 

FAQ Of Fan Tan Online Card Game

Q1. How many cards are used in the Fan Tan or Sevens?

Ans. In the Fan Tan card game, all the 52 cards of the deck are dealt. This also means that some players may get a greater number of cards than the other players.

Q2. How do you win at Fan Tan or Sevens?

Ans. In the Seven versions of Fan Tan card online, which is played against several players, the objective is to get rid of the cards as fast as possible. The first player to do so wins the game. 

In the Dealer version, the player has to guess how many odd beads will be left in the random cup roll by the dealer.

Fan Tan can be a really exciting game once you understand it. It can be an uncommon game but it has the ability to make you think differently than traditional casino games.