Play Casino War and Best Strategies For Winning

The simple and most classic game of wars is the perfect and perhaps one of the most primitively lucid card games to play. Most of us have learnt playing this game while we were kids. The adult version of this game is the casino game of wars. Casino war game is precisely not a physical casino game and you would never find its option in any land based casino. The game of casino wars is mostly an online gambling game easily available on almost all casino sites. It is quite a fun game, the rules are easy to pick up and most importantly it is ideal for the beginners.

Gameplay of Casino War

The most prominent difference between the card game that you played as a kid and the one you would be playing now is obviously that gambling is involved. Let us now discover how you can play your favorite casino war game at the online platforms:

  • The game starts with betting or placing a wager. Of course players would be expected to place a wager. There are two types of bets that players can put in the Casino War game. The first is Base betting and the second is placing a Tie Bet. Betting the base wager is mandatory while a player has an option to either place or not place a Tie wager.
  • The dealer now starts dealing cards – one to themselves and one each to the players on the table. The game usually comprises six card decks but sometimes it can go up to 12. The way to winning is when you have a deck with higher cards than the dealer. And in case, the player opts for the Tie wager, their cards should be at least worth the same as that of the dealer. The highest card of the deck is an Ace while the lowest is 2.
  • In case, the card value of the player and the dealer are identical, there is an option to go to the war. If you go for the war, the player will receive a card and the dealer at the same time will deal one card to themselves. The card with the higher value wins the war. In general, the logic of the game winning is the same – the highest valued card wins the game.

Strategy for Casino War Game

Now that you are well accustomed with the gameplay, it is imperative to understand the strategies for the gameplay. Casino war like most other casino games is a completely random game where outcomes can never be predicted or manipulated. Hardly any gambling strategy works here. Though games like Poker and Blackjack rely on certain strategies, it is absolutely not applicable for the game of Casino War. But what is it that enhances your chances of winning in the game ? It is some of the smart decisions, the most crucial of which are as follows:

Always Opt for Going to the War Against the Dealer

The entire fun factor of the Casino war game relies on taking up risks. If you do not move into the war against the dealer, there would be no excitement in the game. Always go to a duel with the dealer. Not just the fun quotient, moving in with a war against the dealer is also statistically more yielding for the game. Remember the house edge will be advantageous to the player only when you enter in a war against the player.

Avoid Tie Bet

The house edge for a tie bet is practically too high. It is just like some of the poorly planned side bets in other casino games that drowns the players. The casino house will literally prey on the players for this one. The odds of winning for a tie bet is 10 to 1 and it can be super tempting. But remember that the loss will be equally big if you lose.

Choose Games that have Less Decks to Play

The fewer the number of decks the easier it is to play. The casino war odds of winning is inversely proportional to the number of decks. Consider that casino sites never advertise their number of decks, it is often kept a secret. But make it a point to ask the dealer about it so that you don’t end up losing.

Never surrender is a casino war game. Go to the war, fight it out and make the best possible wins. Choose only trusted sites to play.

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