Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Machine – Come Claim The Fortune

The amazing Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine is a version of the IGT that combines gorgeous Egyptian symbols with upbeat vintage music to make the ideal Pharaoh’s Fortune game.

People of the UK love to play Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine as it offers big jackpots and quite good welcome bonuses. One of the best things about the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine is that you play the slot machine in demo mode in which you won’t have to use real money (In demo mode, you won’t win any money).

The Pharaoh’s Fortune is an amazing slot machine that every casino player should play and try out. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Pharaoh’s Fortune, so when next time you go to the casino, you can play the Pharaoh’s Fortune without any problem.

What is Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Machine?

As we said above, The Pharaoh’s Fortune is an IGT slot machine. The Pharaoh’s Fortune is a slot machine that works on a five-reel video. We will love to tell you that the game has a much-anticipated interactive bonus round, and it is similar enough to the land-based version to keep players interested for a while. IGT is compatible with Macs and mobile devices, and its mobile app makes it even simpler to access their mobile slots.

On the internet, there are some online casinos that offer the Pharaoh’s Fortune demo mode. The Pharaoh’s Fortune demo mode is a quite good feature for those players who haven’t played the Pharaoh’s Fortune. The demo mode will help these players to know, and learn about Pharaoh’s Fortune game without spending a single penny.

What players will get in the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine game?

There are many amazing things that players can get in the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine game:

Ancient Egypt Theme

As we said above, the Pharaoh’s Fortune is a version of IGT that combines gorgeous Egyptian symbols. It means that the Pharaoh’s Fortune is fully based on the Ancient Egypt theme. Pharaoh’s Fortune’s symbols are all portrayed in a manner that is reminiscent of the ancient Egyptian language.

The Pharaoh’s Fortune displays the wild symbol, the Wolf, the Snake, two Egyptians, an Egyptian on a horse, the Phoenix, the Owl, the Pharaoh, an Egyptian wearing a wolf mask, etc. There is no doubt that you are going to get a full Ancient Egypt feeling while playing the Pharaoh’s Fortune.

Free Spins

Free spins are everything that slot machine players want. The Pharaoh’s Fortune has a bonus feature using which players can play some rounds to get free spins. To play this round, you should get the green Pharaoh symbol on the first, second, and third reel.

A certain number of free spins are given to the player after being prompted to choose a stone block. After selecting 5 additional blocks, the player is given a certain amount of free spins with a multiplier.

The background music and symbols in the free spins round are entirely different from those in the base game. Following the conclusion of the round of free spins, the player is sent to a new screen where prizes are shown along with a boat and dancing Egyptians. You can receive up to 25 free spins and a multiplier of up to 6 times your initial wager.

Demo Mode

When you will play online the Pharaoh’s Fortune game, you get to see demo mode. Using demo mode, you can check out the game before playing the real money. Along with it, you can use demo mode to practice and learn the Pharaoh’s Fortune.

How to play the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine game?

Playing the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine game is quite easy. The rules of the Pharaoh’s Fortune slot are quite simple, and there aren’t as many possibilities for gameplay as there are in the more complex video slots. The line bet may be easily adjusted by players, and all other decisions are mostly based on the results of the reels’ spin.

The spin button is a large red button in the center of the main menu. Both fast spins and manual halting of the reels are not permitted. There is a unique little button on the right side that allows for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 consecutive spins if you prefer to play with auto-spins.

Your total balance, the amount of your most recent victory, and the betting area, which we will go over in more detail shortly, are the other displays on the main menu. See how easy it is to play.


Pharaoh’s Fortune is one of several video slot games with an Egyptian theme, but it stands out because of its amazing, and unique features.

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