Is Playing Online Casino Games is Legal in Bangladesh or Not?

For decades gambling was quite popular among the people of Bangladesh. The law of gambling for Bangladesh has been derived from the public gambling act of India, 1867. The majority of this country follows the Islamic religion; Sharia laws also prohibit gambling. Therefore, apart from horse racing, no other form of gambling is encouraged by law as well as their faith. Online casino games are not any exception. To sum this up, we can say no land-based or online casino gambling is legal in Bangladesh.

In theory, there are few directions mentioned in the constitute of Bangladesh to gambling. It is mentioned under the Part II of the constitution named Fundamental Principles of the state policy that the state will take necessary actions to prevent gambling [ Art 8 (2) ]

But practically, casino lovers always find a loophole to fulfil their gambling desire. As there is no local gambling table in Bangladesh, most players find online sites more reliable to gamble. Online casino games are pretty popular nowadays due to the easy availability of the internet and computer devices. Another reason behind the popularity of an online casino is that in the constitution of Bangladesh, nothing has been mentioned about foreign sites or computers related to gambling.

Though the authorities have the right to punish gamblers, the law of prohibition only applies within the territory of Bangladesh, and most Bangladeshi gamblers use foreign sites which are licensed and not illegal in places like UK and others.

Casino In Bangladesh

As we already know that online casino are not permitted in Bangladesh by law; there is, of course, no legal casino in Bangladesh. However, the people who love casinos keep gambling on the sites where it is unlikely to get caught. Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and many other games are safe and less risky in getting caught. Bangladeshi players can also sign up for licensed offshore casinos regulated to international audiences. The govt. of Bangladesh does not ban these casinos nor arrest the citizens who choose to play these; moreover, for a person earning billions through these games, paying an amount of 500 as a fine is not a big deal.

How to Choose one?

Being the second-largest Islamic country and due to the law, many forms of gambling are prohibited here. Thanks to the non-strict behavior of the authorities, players can still survive and find suitable games for them. Before selecting any game for themselves, one needs to be aware of the strategy and details about the casino site. For more details, here are a few casino sites among which a Bangladeshi player can choose anyone.     

1) Wild casino stands in number one with a rating of 5 and 5000 dollars as a signup bonus.

2) Super slots, with a 4-stars rating, stand second. It has a signing bonus of up to $6000 for 1st three deposits

3) With a 4.6 user rating Juicy Vegas provides a $500 signup bonus. It has acquired 3rd rank in popularity among Bangladeshi people.

4) Sloto Cash casino has 109 users who have rated it a 5-star game. It offers 100 free spins and $1000 as a signup bonus.

5) Jeetwin Casino is a popular casino among the Bangladeshi people, where you get 100% signup bonus

6) Among the player of Bangladesh, Ignition Casino is also quite famous. It has a 4.9 user rating.

7) Big dollar Casino is also quite famous. It provides a $3500 bonus amount for signing up there.

How to fund the online gambling account

Making a payment to online gambling sites is the main problem of Bangladeshi gamblers. Though one can easily fund their gambling account using debit or credit cards, it is not always possible to do that. However, an e-wallet can be an easier way to fund such accounts. Options like Neteller and Skrill are incredibly popular for offering a secure transaction and fast delivery. These wallets are middlemen between the casino site and debit or credit cards. Even receiving a withdrawal with such e-wallets is easier. 

Few people consider bitcoin as an option of depositing funds. But one must know that any cryptocurrency is illegal in Bangladesh and bitcoin. When choosing cryptocurrency as a way to deposit in a gambling site, the risk of being punished comes along with that.

It is quite proven that neither the govt of Bangladesh will announce gambling as a legal subject to practice. Neither the citizens addicted to it will step back or quit gambling. So, until there is any huge opposition from the country people or the country imposes a ban with proper legal policies, one can enjoy playing casinos through the online site in Bangladesh.

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