Andar Bahar Online Game | Play Andar Bahar Game in India

Are you excited to play your favourite card game, the Andar Bahar game? It is an Indian card game which is also popular as Katti and is very easy to learn and thrilling to play. In a short time only, it has achieved immense popularity among both online and offline gamblers of India due to its extremely simple gameplay. Here, we are going to provide you with a complete perfect Andar Bahar card game online casinos’ guide & rules, including every step from playing the game to placing the bets and finally withdrawing the winnings.

Also, we are going to reveal all your doubts and queries about the game under the same roof. Here, we will discuss all the rules and regulations related to online Andar Bahar card, the methods of placing side bets, and understanding its core strategies. Just go through the following points and assure your winnings at Andar Bahar online casinos in just a few steps.

How to play Online Andar Bahar Card game?

Well, many people doubt that offline and online Andar Bahar card games have different strategies, methods, and rules to play. However, this is not at all true. It is as simple in online mode. Well, let’s learn how the real game is played and what role you possess in it while playing.

The game is played with a dealer against several players. The dealer first places a face-up card on the table in front of all players. This card is considered as the joker card, and all the upcoming bets are going to be placed based on it. Now, the goal is to predict whether the next card of the same value will come on the Andar side or Bahar side. Every player places a bet on the side they think the next card of the same value will appear. 

Now, the dealer takes out cards one by one and alternately places them on each side as face-up cards. The side on which the same value card appears first is declared as the winning side and players who placed a bet on that side receive double the amount of their bet. Whereas, the opponent bettors lose their complete bet amount. This is how the online Andar Bahar card game is played, quite simple!

In Online Andar Bahar live casinos too, the same method is used; first, you have to make deposits and then place your bets, the moment you win, you can easily withdraw your winnings.

How to place side bets?

Side bets are the subsidiary bets or bets placed over the main bet. These are placed by the player to enhance his winning chances. Now, if you want to improve your performance in the online Andar Bahar card game, then you must prefer side bets. Instead of dealing on a particular side either Andar or Bahar, deals on several cards before which the matching card would appear. This will bring an extra opportunity to you to win, however for placing a side bet you need to deposit extra money too. Some casinos allow side bets on the middle card (joker card) too about their suit and rank. However, these side bets differ at different casinos. 

Is Online Andar Bahar Legal in India?

 When it comes to gambling, especially in a country like India, people consider it illegal. However, gambling is a game of all about strategies and experience. Also, according to the Indian constitution, online gambling casinos in India are completely legal if they are hosted offshore. 

So, always choose trusted and reputed online casinos for playing and not any random. Thus, games at these legal online casinos are also legal. Thus, you need not worry about legality issues related to the game. Playing online Andar Bahar card game is completely safe and legal. Thus all you need to focus is on gameplay and strategies and not on irrelevant issues. Play the game outside India at online live casinos to be on the entire legal side and withdraw your winnings very easily.

Online Andar Bahar Game Rules

As we stated, the game is really simple and thus has no hard and fast Andar Bahar rules to play. The game is random and is majorly based on luck. There are only basic rules which you must memorize before diving into the world of cards. These are as follows:

  • The table layout is simple. It has a dealer on one side and players on the other side facing each other. In between them, the left section of the table is referred to as the Andar while the right section of the table is called the Bahar.
  • All the cards in a deck of 52 cards have regular values; for example, the lowest value card would be two, and the highest value card would be Ace.
  • There is no third option to tie, in this game, either you lose or win.
  • The first face-up card displayed on the table by the dealer is known as the Joker card.
  • If the first card that is the joker card, belongs to the red suit, then card distribution will begin from the Bahar side, whereas if it belongs to the black suit, then distribution will begin from the Andar side.


  1. Which are the best online casinos in India that offer Andar Bahar game?

Ans. Here is a list of the most trusted and reliable online casinos of India that offer Andar Bahar card games at their casinos both online and offline.

  1. What are the most useful Andar Bahar tips to ensure winning at the respective game?

Ans. Well, the game is completely random, and you cannot predict the outcomes with any Andar Bahar tricks. There are no tricks and tips like that. The only tip you can use is to keep an eye on the extremely difficult shuffling. Only then, you can predict the outcome. So, don’t try to have shortcuts or cheat, just enjoy the thrilling game and risky bets.

  1. What are the methods to deposit and withdraw money for playing online Andar Bahar card game?

Ans. There are various methods available in the market these days for fund transfer, such as NetBanking and internet banking. You can use e-wallets like Neteller, PayPal, Paytm, and Skrill as they promise faster and secure fund transfer. Apart from that, you can use ecoPayz and Qiwi too. The method used for making deposits can also be used for safe withdrawals. It is as simple as that.

  1. In which major languages we can play Andar Bahar?

Ans. In most casinos in India, the game dealers or the game itself can be played in many Indian languages such as Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, and of course English. So, just make a few clicks and earn some real money out of the game.

If you are familiar with Indian card games, Online Andar Bahar can really be a great find for you. So, boost your earnings with this desi thrilling card game.