No Risk Matched Betting and Why It is Risks Free?

No-risk matched betting is a strategy used by bettors. It is also known as “sharp” bettors. It ensure a profit from any bet they make. A qualifying bet that earns a bonus bet typically results in a minor loss for the bettor. Then they use the bonus bet to lock in a profit by backing and laying the same event. Bettors will profit whether they win or lose if they use the proper calculation to get the lay stake.

Matched betting is a risk-free betting method that enables you to earn by hedging against free bet offers at online sportsbooks. Since you can predict the result with total confidence and have removed chance from the equation. It is neither gambling nor betting on sports in the classic sense.

Because you always stake the same sum of money on both likely results. Matched betting doesn’t require any prior knowledge of sports or handicapping. The goal is to ensure your free bet offer is successful rather than to “win” a bet in the conventional sense.

While matched betting is a form of hedging. You are only placing a bet on one of the two possible outcomes. You employ a free bet from the sportsbook as safety against your own funds.

Facts about No-risk matched betting

  • In matched betting, free bet bonuses from bookmakers are used.
  • Betting against an outcome on the same event, matched bettors put a back bet on it at a bookmaker.
  • A matched betting calculator is used to determine the stake in order to ensure a profit.
  • No matter how the event turns out. A profit is certain if both bets are put right and the calculator is accurate.
  • The negative? No risk matched betting is not available in the United States.

The Process of Match Betting

To place a bet through matched betting. You must use a formula to maintain cash flow while taking advantage of free bet offers and promotions from sportsbooks.

Back and lay betting is a risk-free strategy used by bettors. On the same event, two opposing bets are placed at two distinct locations. The “back bet” is placed at a traditional bookmaker, but in Europe the “lay bet” is often made via a betting exchange. An online sportsbook where you can bet not against the house but against other bettors.

The most popular exchange in the World is Crickex. Although exchange betting is not permitted in the US. Two sportsbooks can still be employed with this strategy, though.

On the surface, it appears that you will cover both bets, winning one and losing the other. That’s accurate. However, by starting an internet marketing. You’ll finally come out ahead without taking a financial loss.

Sportsbooks often require “qualifying bets” to activate the bonus. By putting the identical bet elsewhere. You can get there with matched betting without taking any risks. Once the bonus is active, using matched betting gives you a guaranteed reward without risk.

Is Matched betting risk free?

No matched betting is not risk free. There are many ways from which you can lose money from matched betting. Matched betting also have many do and don’ts. However, the risk of losing money is less if played correctly.

If you are a beginner and not familiar with the betting environment. The risk of losing money from matched betting is more. Since you may not know all the rules of playing. So you need to know all the do and don’ts before you begin your risk matched betting.

Losing money from the matched betting will more in the beginning. The reason is simple as you will not have the same amount of money in you matched betting pot as other pro players will have. You might lose all the profit you have made. However, as you continue your game. The risk will be less and losing a little money will not bother you much. However as said earlier matched betting is not risk free.


Many gamblers can launch their betting careers with absolutely no risk thanks to matched betting and no risk matched betting in India. The biggest draw for gamblers is making money without worrying about losing any. You can always come up with your own methods and employ them along with your skills to make all of your bets profitable. However, be cautious about how you use matched betting to earn money since if you get caught. You risk having your account banned.

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