Most Popular Casino Birthday Bonus Types

Birthdays are always special and what better than adding a special tinge of speciality to it with the fun and profitable casino bonuses would be so much better. Nowmake birthdays even more memorable with authentic and high yielding casino bonuses. Casino birthday bonuses are a very new concept that is extremely popular among users. However, before you opt for any casino birthday bonus, here are few things to consider:

Before you claim any birthday bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions very well. There is no uniform code or system for birthday bonuses. It varies drastically across several casino platforms. Thus it is always better to understand the terms associated with the casino bonuses.

The casino birthday bonus is available or accessible on the exact or actual birthday of the player as was registered and verified at the time of account creation. Though there are certain online casinos that offer this bonus during any time of the birthday week, most of the time, it is just for the birthday. Almost all the polar global casino brands offer extremely lucrative casino birthday bonuses as a sign of gratitude to their loyal users.

Popular Types of Casino Birthday Bonus

Here are the most popular Casino birthday bonus types that are incredibly high yielding and fun to play:

Free Spin Bonus

If you are a fan of casino slot games, this one is ideal for you. The players are provided a limited number of free spins at their most favorite slot games. It is almost the same as the free spin promos that you can avail just after signing up with a casino. Free spins are very popular as birthday promo codes. The best part is that, most high end casinos that prioritizes customer satisfaction, also offer personalized free spin offers on birthdays. Just enter the right details of your birth date while account creation and opt for the personalized bonus offer.

No Deposit Birthday Bonus

Another popular type of birthday bonus at the casinos is the no deposit birthday bonus. It is highly attractive for regular casino players. The birthday player needs not pay any real money but can still get the best deals through these games. It is a hundred percent incentive game. All you have to do is claim the amazing birthday bonus. Such deals are the casino;s way of expressing gratitude and birthday wishes to their regular and loyal customers.

If you are an ongoing customer of the casino, a simple registration process is all you need to do for such bonuses. There are several deal offers like bonus cash, prize wheel spins or even the free spins on slots. However, there are some wagering requirements that you must meet before withdrawal.

Deposit Match Bonus

This one is almost similar to the deposit welcome bonus that is enjoyed by the first time customers. The casinos double the money with 100% match of the deposit amount. However, such bonuses have some bonus funds requirements and these playthrough requirements are to be met for wagering so you  can actually withdraw the win amount. If you are a registered regular player open any online casino gambling platform, you shall have the complete chances to deposit some amount and also match it as bonus funds. These bonuses are applicable on almost all types of casino games such as the table games, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and so on.

Prize Wheel Bonus

It is one of the most common types of casino birthday bonuses. Prize wheel bonus amount varies quite significantly across several casinos. It is quite interesting and can offer you rewards much higher than the usual games. Prize wheel bonus is far higher yielding than the common types of free spin bonuses or deposit match bonuses. This game is perhaps one of the largest gifts you can receive on your birthday. Some casinos also offer weekly prize wheel bonuses, which are equally profitable. But, birthday bonuses are something truly special.

If you are registered on any global casino platform, be sure to claim your amazing birthday bonus.

Final Thoughts

Casino Birthday Bonus or the birthday promos are quite similar to welcome bonus- you do not need to deposit any amount or pay any money for availing these bonuses. These are 100% no deposit casino bonus offers. It is only applicable for the ongoing or pre-existing users. It comes in various forms and games. Read the terms and conditions well before you actually avail of these bonuses. They are very exciting and yield large wins.

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