Mississippi Stud Poker Game or Play for Real Money

The Mississippi Stud Poker game is a completely fun and exciting game full of adrenaline rush and offers the players a great way to explore the jazz in poker game. It is fast paced, thrilling and offers a better RTP than most people can think about. So, the 52 decks of cards practically gives you a chance to make some of the best and most happening poker wins in your life. This version of poker helps you to play only against the paytable. Let us delve deeper into the depths of the Mississippi stud poker game and also understand how to play this version of Poker.

How to Play a Mississippi Stud Poker Game?

The Mississippi stud game is relatively new to the poker world having arrived only in the year 2005. It is a house bank game. For beginners – a house banked game is one where the dealer overlooks a table. Now let’s come straight to the gameplay and explore how to play the game.

You must have heard that Mississippi stud poker is quite popular among the players and can give huge wins. But is it always true? Well, you need to know how to play the cards to gain the benefits. You would be surprised to know that plenty of aspects of the game are actually similar to the game of Blackjack. All the players sit at the table opposite to the dealer. Remember that the game is not against the other players, instead it is against the house. So, as a player the target is not to win against the fellow competitors, instead take an upper hand over the house edge. The players make the bets and the dealer keeps on covering the bets.

Flow of Game

The game starts with the players placing their first bet or wager that is called “Ante” in the game. Each player gets 2 cards at a time to begin with. In addition, the players are also dealt with 3 additional community cards in the face down position. The players get to see their cards at once along with the other players. The best part is that the players have a choice to fold the cards in case they do not like the hands.

Now the players will unfold their cards and participate in the betting round of the game that is popularly called the “3rd Street Bet”

It is up to the player to decide whether they want to bet the same amount, twice or thrice their ante bet amount. After 3rd street betting, it is time for the dealer to turn over the first community card of the game. In case the player does not want to fold even after this, they have the 4th betting round on the go followed by the dealer unfolding the next community card. The same pattern follows after this – the “5th Street Bet” starts. The same loop goes on until the dealer discloses the final community card.

Payout of the Game

The winning of the game depends on the final hand value of the player. You do not have to beat other players to win. Your card value will determine it all. After understanding the gameplay let us quickly understand the payout of the game:

The game pays of in the following ways :

  • 500 to 1
  • 100 to 1
  • 40 to 1

The rule is the player exchanges their bets for the return. This is quite different from video poker games. This is vital to understand because the player will be eventually playing even. The payout style signifies that you will always get back the original amount and additional chip. This beneficial payout pattern attracts so many players towards the game.

Should You Play Mississippi Stud Poker for Real Money?

For entry level players, always go for the free version because you hardly know the game. Though it may seem it is an all win scenario,it is not always true. The players will get the option to win only when they can play the game well. Only, if you are well versed with the rules, play it for real money. Keep in mind that Mississippi stud poker is an intoxicating game. The quest and thirst for winning gets so high at times that players can get completely drowned in debts. The most crucial decision to make in this game is whether to fold or play. You can actually research on various mathematical strategies for card value assessment

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