Mega Wheel Live Game Review & Gameplay

Have you ever seen the TV game show Wheel of Fortune? Money wheel games are popular in land-based casinos and are quickly gaining popularity online. Dream Catcher was the first live casino money wheel game introduced by Evolution Gaming. Pragmatic Play’s version is called Mega Wheel. 

Live Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play’s first live casino gaming show. Random multipliers of up to 500x add to the excitement and have the potential to help you win big. You can bet between €0.10 and €1,000 on one or more numbers. The game’s RTP is 96.51 percent, and the maximum possible payout is 500x.

So, What is Mega Wheel?

Pragmatic Play is yet another live casino solutions provider that has added a game show to its repertoire. If you’re familiar with the concept of the money wheel, you know what to expect: lots of excitement and potentially massive wins.

Pragmatic Play Live’s Mega Wheel is a fun and entertaining live casino game. The game includes a large colourful spinning wheel with various prize values to bet on. Furthermore, the game is presented in a colourful game show setting, with the presenter serving as your gameshow host. 

Pragmatic Play is still a newcomer to the live casino niche, having launched its first live dealer game in 2019. However, they have managed to establish themselves in the market thanks, first and foremost, to a nice selection of casino classics.

The game’s rules are straightforward. Continue reading for more information and tips.

How to Play Live Mega Wheel?

If you’ve ever played one of these game show-inspired casino games, you’ll be familiar with Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play. In the meantime, we’ll walk you through a typical round. The first thing you should do is place your wagers. You only have a few seconds to do so, so don’t be concerned if you miss around. 

The object of Mega Wheel is to predict which number the wheel will land on the next spin. There are eight options to choose from, which is more than the standard six. Each number represents the return you’ll receive if you win with it. This means that the greater the number, the greater the profit. Of course, because larger numbers are more scarce on the road, they are also riskier.

However, in our opinion, some of these bets are better than others. For example, 8 and 10 have the same chance of landing but different payouts, so 10 is always the better bet. The same is true for 15/20 and 30/40, where the higher of the two is superior.

Special Features in Mega Wheel game:

The Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel game’s gameplay and extended wheel are enough to set it apart. However, there is also the Mega Multiplier option. Every turn, one number will be chosen at random. If the number wins, all profits are multiplied by the specified factor. An RNG machine chooses both the number and the multiplier, so there is no inherent advantage to one type of bet over another.

There are multipliers ranging from 4x to 500x. This, however, is dependent on the type of bet multiplied. A multiplier cannot be less than the original bet, as a general rule. For example, the 50 bet cannot be reduced to 8x – that would be absurd. The multiplier, on the other hand, can be as high as the initial bet. 1 can only be multiplied by 100 times, whereas 2 can be multiplied by 200 times. The maximum multiplier for numbers 5, 8, and 10 is 250x. Only the numbers 15, 20, 30, and 40 can achieve the Mega Wheel’s maximum payout of 500x.

Honest Mega Wheel Live Game Review:

We discovered Mega Wheel to be an intriguing, enjoyable, and simple live game of chance that can be played on a variety of online casino websites and betting apps. The Pragmatic Play release is visually appealing, with lively presenters to keep you entertained while you wait for the big win. 

You must first accumulate funds and devise a betting strategy. Wait for the wheel’s number to come to a halt. If you enjoy this type of live casino game, Mega Wheel may provide you with a lot of excitement. The Mega Multipliers, on the other hand, are quite good. Overall, the Multipliers are a great addition that adds a new dimension to the game. Finally, Mega Wheel is an enjoyable experience, and its flaws do not necessarily detract from it. You’ll be fine if you keep track of which bets you’re placing

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