Mastering Poker Against Professionals: Advanced Tips

Poker is one of the most played and highly yielding games in the world of casinos. It can be played at various levels – simple and advanced. The advanced gaming strategies for Poker are unlimited. However, one has to be aware how to put them into use to make the best use of these strategies. Here are some of the most advanced Poker tips that one can use in their game to not only boost the game outcomes but also to enhance their winnings:

Raise Check More than Big Blinds

Poker is about pulling down your opponents to maximize your earnings because it is not only about how you place bets but also about how you negate the winnings of the opponent players. Especially if you end up having an opponent who has a habit of C-Betting, it is quite important that you check the raise to keep them under pressure. The reckless bettors usually have too many weak hands but if you do not check the raise the opponents can make some serious equity moves.

In a nutshell, the advanced poker strategy is to play offensive because that is the best defense. Your target should be never to let your opponents have more profitable bets. There are primarily two types of check raises to perform : Check Raising for the Value and Check Raising as a Bluff. If you want to check raise for value, rely more on check raising with strong hands (for example two pairs) On the other hand if you are check raising as a Bluff you should focus on decent equity.

Overbetting Only Under Certain Circumstances

Overbets will only work at their best when you as a player have the strongest hands for it. The other name of this gameplay is known as “Nut Advantage”. Your range should always be in a better position than your opponent’s range and only then you can risk overbetting. Overbetting in Poker is expected to be very strongly polar with strong hands and bluffs. Only then it allows you to get the best equity out of any folds. One of the most advanced techniques for overbetting in Poker is to use a hand that will block your opponent’s strongest hands.

Use Pocket Pairs to Make Money in Pots

When using multiway pots in Poker, it is essential to focus on making money and nothing better than suited connectors and pocket pairs to make money through the game. When the pot starts getting heavier in the game of Poker than more people start pouring in money; it is quite obvious that one of the players will have a very strong hand and it will influence their hand selection for the game.

When the poker pot starts going multi way the best strategy to adopt is : playing hands that are very highly probable to make two pairs. The biggest dilemma among players is which hand is more profitable – the Pocket pairs or the suited connected hands?

The answer to this is: it varies according to the game conditions. While pocket pairs have a flop rate of 11.8% while QT offsuits have a flop rate of 16.9% which performs much better in multiway pots.

Run Detailed Population and Database Analysis

The advanced players always base their gaming decisions and strategies based on appropriate game tracking. Initially tracking was done manually with the help of proper math and statistics. However, with the advent of technology, several tracking softwares have come up that have made the work easier. The advanced players use these softwares to identify the areas where betting would be much more profitable and easier.

The same works with Population Analysis that involves collecting databases for creating better Poker strategies. Various calculators can be also used to calculate the Run Rake or the Game Quality. Through great game analysis even the mediocre players can make a huge impact on the games.

Equity Calculators

Equity calculators are an extremely useful tool in the game of Poker. Multiple commercial equity calculators are useful in the game. All the advanced players make use of this calculator some time or the other. Some of the most useful uses of the equity calculators are for storing ranges, equity training, using combinatorics and calculating hotness. Exploring and using good quality effective equity calculators can be one of the best decisions for playing advanced Poker games.

Use all the advanced Poker strategies to make your game even more exciting and professionally high yielding.

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