Live Tri Card Poker Strategy & Guide

Here is a call out for all poker lovers, the three-card game must be already your favourite. But, do you know how to win a game of Tri Card Poker? Yes, it is indeed a matter of chance and luck but it is also about understanding the odds of the game and having a fair idea about the combinations that can help you win. 3 card poker is very easy to learn and globally enjoyed by amateurs and pro players. To get through a fantastic winning streak, you just have to get good luck going on for a short time.

Tri Card Poker Basic

Before going into the best tri-card poker strategy that might help you win, here are a few basics about the game. As the name suggests, the game is played with 3 cards at hand. The game starts with the player placing an ante in the box that is designated followed by receiving three cards. Depending upon which hand the card is dealt, there are two options for the player:

  • Fold – Giving up the ante bet and not risking any money for it
  • Play- matching the ante bet by continuing in a hand

In case, the player decides to “Play” they have to match the ante bet. It works like this: If the ante bet was worth $10, the player has to bet another $10 for a total of $20. After betting, there is a hand reveal of the player and a comparison follows. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hands, the player gets paid a one-to-one on the “ante bet” worth. However, if the dealer possesses a high or better option or a Queen; the player will be paid one-to-one on the “Play” bet. This is the fundamental rule for following the tri-card poker strategy. No strategy will come into effect if the players don’t stick to the basic rules.

Tri Card Poker Strategy – Ideal Way to Play

To learn the optimal strategy for winning tri card poker, you don’t have to get any rocket science training, nor do you need to make very complex decisions as is involved with certain casino games. The basic thing to keep in mind is the hands you should be playing and which ones to avoid while playing.

 For example, the best strategy is to look at the combination of cards you are dealt with and decide accordingly. If you get a profitable combination at hand, continue with the “Play” bet whereas if you get a worse combination than this; discard the cards immediately and wait for the next turn. There really aren’t any master strategies for the game because it is too simple. The most crucial strategy is to choose the right selection of starting hands.

Odds in the Game: The House Edge

If you are an ardent and frequent casino player, you know how favouritism of a house works in a casino. In a tri-card poker strategy, the odds are precisely set at 96.7%. Because, in actual poker games, the game is played against another player, so there are different sets of skills needed.

Whereas in the banked casino games, the odds and house edges are totally different. With odds at a particular percentage, the house edge comes to something around 3.7%. This numeric is neither too good nor too bad. The ideal way to draw the odds of the game in your favour is by adhering to the basic and stringent rules of the game.

One of the most pertinent questions among the players is that “Is it possible to cheat in the game?”. The answer is that yes you can cheat, but tactfully. Without resorting to any illegal ways or any actual cheating, with tactful strategies, you can improve your edge in the game. For example, with many high cards in the game; the player may just want to place the “Play” bets and the dealer is less likely to have a strong hand in there.

Now, the problem with physical casinos is that they often don’t allow this thing to happen which could be a problem. They will also warn the player if they spot anything out of the box happening, they would warn the player and may not allow them to play further.

Tri Cards Poker is an amazing game with simple rules and is fun to play. If you can adhere to the strategies and introduce some quick hacks and tips in the game, you can easily win it over and also earn a fortune in the game.

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