Live Mega Ball vs Live Keno: Which Game to Play

Live Mega Ball and Live Keno are two similar live online casino games that are people’s favourites. Both of them have quite many similarities and differences. Let us explore some of them in detail:

Live Mega Ball

Evolution gaming live mega ball has recently created more hype than most other casino games. The core reason for this popularity is the high winning potential of the game. The game was launched in 2020 by Evolution Gaming. Live Mega Ball is one of the very few games allowing you to win 500000 pounds in every round. The idea of the game is that – the player buys 200 cards at the beginning of each game.

Each card has a 5*5 grid and is assigned 24 numbers with a free space in the centre. There is a scope for number rearrangement if you are not satisfied with any number. Moreover, this won’t cost you anything.

The game begins with a ball-drawing machine shooting up numbers. The balls come with unique individual numbers. The shot of the balls makes them roll down a tube feeding back into the machine after several rounds. The balls with twenty numbers hoot automatically and fill the card positions.

Lastly, the twenty-first ball comes into the tube and guess what, it has a multiplier attached to it. It is with the help of this multiplier that your profits and earnings can range from 5X to 100X. You must remember that the multiplier is only applicable to the twenty-first ball that is drawn. The winning combination of only the last ball will determine how much you win.

Live Keno

Live Keno was introduced by the Bet Constructs. This game resembles Live Mega Ball in many aspects but also differs considerably from it. The final aim of this game is exactly the same as Live Mega Ball which is to draw the right number combination and also take the chance that they form the ultimate winning combo.

The core aspect of both games are quite similar but there are plenty of differences between the two. If a player manages to play the Live Keno correctly, there is a possibility of winning something as high as 100000 euros.

The game starts in rounds, at the beginning of which you select a number combination for playing. Twenty total numbers in the form of balls are drawn. The player has to predict which numbers will be drawn. For a higher final reward, there have to be more numbers on the ticket.

The best part about Bet Construct’s game is its versatility. Players can either opt for playing the side bets or the main bets.

Differences Between Live Mega Ball and Keno

The visual effects are best for the Live Mega Ball game. Though both the games have high-end video streaming quality, Evolution is a far better choice with extremely high-end visuals. Live Mega Ball has extremely high details in the game when compared to Keno. Evolution has a larger budget and a more prolific outlook when it comes to providing the best visual reality to the players.

The major hit of the Live Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming lies in the multipliers – a far higher chance of winning with the same bets. Players want jumbo prizes in casinos and that is why they prefer Live Mega Ball over everything else. The thrilling prizes and lucrative payouts would definitely attract the players.

The only space where Live Keno performs better is the gameplay diversity. This is the only place where Live Mega Ball really lags.

Final Words

In the end, both games possess their unique set of advantages and some cons for sure. The one that you choose will depend on your preferences. If you consider gameplay options, Keno is definitely better because the side bets have provisions for several fronts. There is even more scope to win because even if the main bet doesn’t work you can get considerable money with the side bets.

However, considering a cumulative of all the factors, Live Mega Ball is truly an all-rounder. Multipliers and big wins are a cup of tea for the Live Mega Ball. The game also looks better than Live Keno. The visual aspects are great in both games however this one is better. Also, Evolution Gaming is a more profound banner and thus the game has a wide consumer base with higher popularity. When it comes to an edge of excitement, Live Mega Ball is better than Keno.

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