Live Evolution Gaming Side Bet City Strategy

For ardent poker players, the side bet is not a new concept. Side bets are additional bets that the player comes across in excess of the main bets. Side bets are usually gateways to win greater prizes. However, in the game of side bet city, the concept is slightly different with no main bets and the side bets being the only thing. In side bet city, there is only one particular move which is choosing a side bet.

After placing a side bet all you have to do is observe the dealer laying out cards. The action may apparently seem quite easy and lucid, however, it is not. There are multiple sound mathematical approaches to make the bet a win for the player.

When Will You Win for Side Bet City

In the game of side bet city, it is up to the player to form the best-winning hands – either of three, five or seven cards. They could also form a pair, full house, straight flush or royal flush. Players can even bet on All Lose. If there are zero winning combinations, the “All Lose” bet wins. There is no restriction when it comes to betting amounts. A player could bet any amount on any of these combinations. However, the pay differs for the various combinations for example it is highest for the Royal Flush.

Evolution Gaming Side Bet City Best Strategy

Before we move into what is the best strategy to win the game, it is crucial to know how the bets in the game differ in terms of their payout.

➔ All Lose – 96.29%
➔ Seven Cards – 94.34%
➔ Five Cards- 95.21%
➔ Three Cards – 96.69%

Experts conclude that the best way to start the game is by placing a bet on three cards. Since all you have to do is place an initial bet, this is perhaps a safer option to proceed with. However, the real players do not quite approve that the three-card strategy is the only strategy to get along with. Let us review the various bet strategies for the evolution gaming side bet city game:

3 Card Hand Strategy

Placing a bet on the three-card hand is perhaps the best way to move forward in the game. Since this is the most appropriate mathematical formula for winning the game. The RTP for three card hand strategy yields the highest turnover which is 96.69%. The payout ratio is almost 35:1. So, this one is indeed one of the most plates, safest and highest-yielding strategies in the game. But, it is always advisable that you allocate only smaller amounts to this strategy to take over its complete advantage.

5 Card Hand Strategy

This one yields lesser returns than 3 card hand strategy but it is still a popular one. The other name for this bet is the balanced Side Bet Strategy. There are two approaches to this strategy – the first one is to ensure a possible and frequent win and the second approach is to compete for a 1000:1 jackpot. Talking about the RTP, it is 95.21%, which is less compared to the three-hand strategy. The only reason why many players love this one is the frequency of winning is quite high.

7 Card Hand Strategy

There is a prevalent myth that you can always get a win with a 7 card hand strategy. But, that is just a myth because mathematically the RTP of a 7 cards hand is only 94.34%. The Royal Flush payout for this one is only 500:1. This strategy is quite unprofitable. Amateur players should stay away from playing this game because it ain’t profitable in no way.

All Lose Strategy

With an RTP of 96.29% in the game, you can bet against almost all winning combinations with this one. The bet pays in a ratio of 0.7:1. This is synonymous with an Insurance bet. To play this strategy is quite dull. There is simply no scope for doubling your money or winning over any single round and if played unmindfully, your balance could even get to zero.

Final Thoughts

Side Bet City is the simplest version of Poker that indeed offers high returns. Evolution gaming side bet City is one of the best live casino games. It is equally interesting for amateurs and professionals. It is ideal for players who want to enjoy a casino game in a relaxed environment. There aren’t many strategies to win but practice and calculative risk can make you win.

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