Learn How to play Baccarat online in India

There is a very high probability that you must have heard about this game from the James bond movies or novels. One of the novels, if you have read, has taught how this game can be played. But you can get more insights into the game here. The word Baccarat has originated from the Italian word “baccarat” meaning “zero”. Hence, online casinos have become popular day by day with Baccarat and various other games. Here, we will discuss all the types of baccarat, house edge, Rules, and Strategy.

Who wouldn’t like to make some money from the comforts of their home? Just grab your mobile phone and start the game with a single touch. To add more excitement to the games, Baccarat live is available at various online casinos.

How to play Baccarat online

A standard baccarat online game is a game between two hands, the player and the banker or the dealer. There are three specific outcomes to a round of Baccarat, a win of the player hand, a win of the banker’s hand, or lastly a tie. The player has to decide and bet on one of these three outcomes. You will be paid on the basis of how you win. 

Usually, six to eight decks of cards may be used. These may vary according to the casino. The winning condition is that one of the hands must have a sum of the cards closer or equal to nine. The number of cards from two to nine retain their original values, but card ten and the face cards are assigned zero value. The ace has a value of one at the Baccarat online casinos. Now the player has to decide which side gets cards with a value closer to nine.

If the cards have a value higher than nine, then ten is subtracted from the sum of the cards or the tens place value is removed and only the one’s place value is considered. Now whoever gets the sum closer to nine wins. If the player wins the winning amount will be doubled while if the banker wins, the casino doubles the winning but keeps a five per cent amount from the bet. These were some basic points that can get you started with playing Baccarat online.

Different Types of Baccarat

Baccarat online casinos do not limit you to only the standard baccarat game; they provide you with other variants of the game also. There are three variants of Baccarat online – Baccarat Banque, Chemin de fer, and Punto Banco. 

  • Punto Banco– This is the standard variation of Baccarat. It uses six to eight card decks. The player (punto) hand and the banker (banco) hand both are dealt cards from the shoe one after the other. All the rules are similar to those stated above. Baccarat tie rules are also similar for this variant; the cards have the same sum for both hands. The most popular Baccarat strategy is to escape the tie bets and bet mostly on the banker as it has a lower house edge. 
  • Chemin de fer– it has faster gameplay as compared to the standard Baccarat. This game uses only six shuffled decks for dealing. The players will be seated around an oval table. One of the players is designated the banker and is responsible for dealing the cards. This position of banker is passed on to other players in a counter-clockwise manner. The “banker” player wagers the amount and players have to put up a wager deciding whether they want to go against the banker stake or with it. If the banker wins, he will receive the player’s stakes, and another round will start. If players win then, the banker has to pay them his wager and the next player will become the banker. 
  • Baccarat Banque – The gameplay is also similar to the Chemin de fer game. The only variation is that the banker will not change after each round; he will be permanently positioned. The banker can leave the position of his own free will or when he is out of money to pay any further. 

What is the house edge in Baccarat?

House edge is an important factor to consider before playing any casino game. Baccarat is popular among casino players as it has a relatively low house edge as compared to other table games. The lowest house edge in Baccarat online is 1.09%. The house varies for the player win, Banker win, or the baccarat card counting. The house for a banker bet is 1.06%, for the player, it is 1.36%, and for the tie bets, it is 14.40%. 

The no. of decks used may increase or decrease the house edge. So, if eight decks are used in the game, the odds of winning for the player are 44.62%, whereas the banker has 45.86% winning odds. The tie bet odds are 9.52%. The odds will be increased by a very small amount when the game is played with a single deck. Hence, the winning odds are 45.96%, 44.68%, and 9.36% for Banker, Player, and tie bets respectively. You should formulate your baccarat strategy keeping these odds and house edge in mind.

Online Baccarat Rules

Baccarat online casino rules are mostly similar to the real-life casino rules. Only a few may differ. Therefore, If you are new to Baccarat, you may find the baccarat rules chart anywhere online, or you may find it in-game. The general Baccarat rules are

  • Among the two hands, the winner will be the one with the sum nearest to nine.
  • Baccarat tie rules are applied on one condition only, the player hand and the banker hand both have the same sum on the cards.
  • If either player or banker draws cards with a sum of 8 or 9, they have a “natural” win.
  • If the player has a sum of 5 or 6, the player cannot draw a third card; he is said to “stand”. The same applies to the banker.
  • The banker cannot draw a card if a player gets card eight on the third draw.
  • Other rules for drawing a third can be found in the baccarat rules chart.

How to use a Baccarat Strategy?

There are numerous Baccarat strategies available in the market to reward your winnings. Baccarat online casino lets you play a demo version of the game, so you have a way to test out these strategies and find the best one that works for you. Below are the best baccarat strategy tips that you must use while playing through these strategies.

  • Paroli system – it is said to be the reverse of the martingale system. Here you should bet a minimum amount until you win and then double the bet. If you lose, go back to betting the minimum amount.
  • Martingale system – this system lets you double your wager after a loss so that you can recover your loss.
  • Fibonacci system – in this strategy, the next bet you make is a multiple of the next Fibonacci number after a losing bet. This tip would help you in recovering your previous losses.
  • Betting on the banker’s hand – the simplest strategy in Baccarat is to bet on the banker’s hand. As the banker edge is low, the payout turns out to be big. So if you can find a casino with a commission of less than 5%, you can gain more from this strategy.
  • Baccarat card counting – Many people argue whether to use this strategy or not as it provides a really small edge that you might not be worth the time. In it, you should count according to a specific pattern and bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand according to your count, this would protect you from losses.


Baccarat is a really great game but like all other games, before dipping into this game, you should try to learn about the game properly. Thus, understanding house edge and odds and strategically placing bets is the key way to get the most out of baccarat.