Learn about Casino Payout ratio and Variance

In this article, we are going to discuss the Payout Ratio and Variance. To increase the probability of winning in betting, a person should have basic knowledge of payout ratio and variance. At first, we will focus on the most important payout ratio.

Payout Ratio

The payout ratio is also known as RTP – Return To Player. The payout ratio is nothing but a statistical ratio which shows you your total winnings compared with all that cash that one bets during his session. Here we divide the total money with the total money staked.

RTP = (x/y)*100 [x- player’s wins, y- player’s bets].

RTP of a slot or a game is calculated from game play over the long term, so it can be kind of misleading information because the RTP does not work the same in a short period of time. Theoretically, if you put hundred dollars into the game with a Return To Player of 95 percent, you would not necessarily get 95 dollars back. In practice, a declared return to player percentage of a slot can vary; it is also called dispersion in Return To Player. Simply an average squared deviation of the mean.

How is the Payout Ratio tested and verified?

Before a slot becomes available at an online casino, it goes through testing by an independent agency like e-cobra. The team of experts checks the work of RNG is correct and confirms or denies the Return To the Player. For your information, records on 100 to 1000 spins are not statistical evidence. To get near any accuracy, the game developers make a thousand million or even a trillion spins to prove that a game is set to fairly pay out a specific percentage of money back to players.

Interesting fact Netent company has been making 11 trillion spins within four weeks to claim that the doa 2- dead or alive two slot machine has a Return To Player of 96.80 percent. Is it possible to edit a Return To Player? not quite so. However, some casino owners and developers make it possible to adjust the Return To Player between 92%-96% for casinos.


We can say that variance is your experience of good luck and bad luck in casinos. Variance is a term related to casinos and what it means is the amount that the return that the player gets will vary from the average return that a player will get. For each spin that you make, what is the return you will get from that spin? Now you can have high variance, you can have low variance, you can have somewhere in the middle, and that is what it describes.

Low Variance

Low variance means you will have a game that gives you wins more frequently, but those wins are going to be smaller in amount; here, you may be not likely to gain much on the wins.

High variance means you will be playing with more on each spin, so you have the potential to lose more on each spin. Still, then you also have the potential to win more and what happens typically when you are playing something with high variance is that you will less often; but the wins that you do get will be higher in magnitude; they will be higher in a map. They will be worth more money, but you may have spent more money in order to get them.

High Variance

Variance is relevant in match betting because you will come across the words maximum lines and minimum stake quite often; and what this is doing is a technique to reduce the variance when we are playing slot machine games. We might want to do this if we have wagering requirements on an offer. When you have a wagering requirement, essentially; what you want to do is make sure that you are playing with low variance. It will make more sense.

Low variance means that you are playing with smaller amounts and you will be getting smaller outcomes, whether those are wins or losses. On many of the slot games; you are going to be able to tweak and adjust the variance by adjusting the amount that you stake or by adjusting the amount of lines that count as winners on the machine. That is all about the two significant topics named Payout Ratio and Variance. I Hope this article helps you make your betting journey better than ever.

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