Jeetwin Unlimited Refer a Friend Bonus

In our casual life too, among our friends, we are always recommending to each other the things that we like, be it a restaurant, a movie, mobile or anything else. And that’s another way too for the companies to promote themselves. This helps the company to expand its user base with a few referrals from you. Jeetwin referral friend program is one such promotional program where the current players refer Jeetwin casino to their friends, and they both get attractive bonuses. In that, the newly-referred player gets the referral bonus along with the welcome bonus

What are Jeetwin Refer a Friend Bonus?

If you win a good amount of cash playing the virtual casino games, you would surely be telling it to your friends. Then why not let them get the same benefit by letting them join the same casino? Jeetwin offers some of the best referral programs so that you and your friend both can benefit from them. Jeetwin allows you to refer it to your friend and in turn, you both get some rewards as a “thank you” from the casino.

The referral friend program allows you to expand the user base of your favorite jeetwin casino. You will be sharing your amazing experience at the online casino with your friend. The casino chat rooms can help you connect with even friends of your long-distance friends. Also, by your referral, your friend does not need to worry about the casino being genuine.

For each successful referral, you will be provided with a 300 INR referral ticket which can be redeemed anytime in the app in your Jeetwin casino account. Your friend gets the same benefit along with the welcome bonus that he/she can redeem later. You can refer to any of your acquaintances, be it a family member, an office colleague, your neighbour, or anyone else you know. Just refer your friends and earn Jeetwin refer friend bonus.

Things to Consider Before Referring a Player

The referral friend promotion program is a lucrative scheme by Online Jeetwin casino, creating a win-win condition for both the referring player and the referred player. Along with the bonus, this promotional scheme connects friends and allows them to share the exciting experience of their wins and the sadness of their losses. However, you have to consider a few things before referring the casino to your friend.

  • The casino you are going to refer to your friend must be trusted. The fact that you are already playing at the casino for a long time doesn’t make it trustworthy. You should consider other things like their licenses and other players’ review before referring to it. Because your friend will be joining, putting all the trust in you.
  • Your friend has to sign up and deposit Rs. 2,000 so that the referral works.
  • Check for what the refer friend bonuses are. These bonuses may change over time, so be on the lookout for the best offer and then refer your friend for the best returns. Jeetwin’s refer bonus provides a refer ticket worth 300 INR.
  • Read the terms and conditions for both the referral program and casino. If you accept them all then only proceed with the referral. These will include specific objectives like minimum deposit that need to be fulfilled in order to get the referral bonus.
  • Referring to a tutorial will help with the completion of the task without any trouble.

How to Refer Players

Referring to other players is not rocket science. It’s just as easy a task as sending a message or an email. Here are the steps to help you with a referral:

  • Sign in to your account and go to the referral section in your account.
  • Find the refer-a-friend button and click it to generate your unique referral link.
  • Share the referral link to your friend via text message, an email, or any other way you like. 
  • Your friend has to click on the link to visit the website’s sign-up page and sign up for an account.
  • Then he/she has to deposit 2000 INR to complete the referral task. 

Once these steps have been completed, both the players will get their referral tickets worth 300 INR to redeem. The ticket can be redeemed in the referrals section of your account. After the deposit is made, the new player is also eligible to refer to other people and earn more. The referral program allows players to make unlimited referrals and get a huge amount of bonus.

Terms & Conditions Attached to Referral Bonus

Jeetwin referral friend program is an attractive offer for both the current players and the new players. It is a chance for the players to get some free spins at the slots, or some wagers that won’t cost you your own money. The offer provides you with Rs. 300 to spend in the casino. But this referral program has some simple terms and conditions that the current player and the new player are required to accept before enjoying their referral bonus.

Listed below are those terms and conditions:

  • The current player must have deposited at the Jeetwin casino earlier. If not, they must do so before referring to a friend. 
  • New players are required to sign up for a new account only via the referral link. Visiting the website themselves and signing up will only get them the welcome bonus.
  • The new players have to deposit a specific amount of money that is Rs. 2000 to their casino account within 30 days to be eligible for the bonus. Failing to do so may make their referral void.
  • As soon as the new player makes the deposit, both the players will receive their referral tickets. The ticket can be redeemed in the referral section at the casino website.
  • A referral bonus can be availed for each unique account.
  • Having multiple fraudulent accounts may lead to disqualification from the program. The current player may get blocked and their amounts forfeited.
  • As the owner of the program, Jeetwin has the right to change, cancel, or refuse this refer a friend promotion.
  • The players are required to accept these terms and conditions to be eligible for the referral program.
  • Jeetwin terms and conditions apply to the players.

Accept the terms and conditions and start referring your friends to earn cash the easiest way at the casino.

Jeetwin Refer a Friend Bonus Conclusion

Jeetwin refers to the bonus as the easiest way to earn money in a casino. That amount can be used by the players to play different games at the casino. The best thing about the refers a friend promotion is that you can refer to an unlimited number of your friends. 

You just have to comply with the Jeetwin terms and conditions and the referral program’s terms and conditions. Referring makes you earn some bonus, but it also allows you to share your passion for online casino games with your friends and help them make money.