Jeetwin Online Casino Cashback Bonus

Cashbacks are quite a common technique these days used by many companies to attract customers. But, what about cashback from a money building site like a casino? Whether you lose or win you will always have some money safe in pocket, all thanks to the Jeetwin online casino cashback bonus. Among a plethora of offers and services provided by Jeetwin, cashback bonuses are a fruitful one. 

Just sign up and follow your gambling passion at Jeetwin without any hesitation. With 4 years of trust and excellent services, Jeetwin has proved itself among one of the best casinos in India. Not only winnings but also the exciting bonuses and rewards have made Jeetwin stand apart from all. Let’s first quickly learn what is a true cashback bonus and how these Jeetwin online casino cashback bonuses work actually? Let’s discover all the different types of cashback Bonuses, their advantages, and rules to claim them easily.

What Is Cashback Bonus?

Cashback Bonus is a popular category of online casino bonuses that a player can enjoy as the percentage of net losses in a particular period is returned to them. Overall, you can have a bonus even when you lose a particular sum of money in a specific time frame while playing a set of games at the online casino. That bonus is known as the cashback bonus. 

These bonuses are not going to make you rich again but at least they are going to protect you from losses. However, before claiming you have to spend a large sum of money and only if you lose. You can get a cashback bonus. Most of the cashback bonuses do not require any wagering amount, but you should check the terms and conditions before. These not only boost the courage of lost players but also keep them motivated to stay connected with the casino.

How does Online Casino Cashback Bonus work?

After understanding the cashback bonus, now you have to understand exactly how they work? There is a proper procedure through which you have to go to achieve Jeetwin cashback bonus.

  • First at first, set up a proper official account on Jeetwin online casino website. Register yourself by submitting all the required details.
  • Now, visit the gaming section and start placing bets on slots, live casino, live table, and various E-games to be perfectly eligible for Jeetwin online casino cashback bonus.
  • In case you lose on the games mentioned above, an amount of INR 75 to INR 10000 would be given back to you by the casino as a Jeetwin cashback bonus, depending on the amount you lost.
  • For bronze members, the players get a maximum cashback of 6.5% for 5,00,000+ lost money in slots and 7.5% for other table and live dealer games.
  • Silver members get a maximum cashback of 7% for money lost in slots and 8% in other tables and live dealer casino games.
  • Gold members get a rise of .5% in cashback for 5,00,000+ money lost as compared to silver members.
  • Pearl members get a minimum cashback of 4% for money lost in the range of 5,000 INR to 49,999 INR and a maximum cashback of 9% for 5,00,000+ loss.
  • Ruby members are the second largest gainers. As they get 9.5% cashback for 5,00,000+ loss for table games and live dealer games. Whereas for slot players, the cashback is 8.5%.
  • For Kohinoor members, the cashback is 10% of your loss for 5,00,000+ money lost. For slots, it is a bit less at 9%.

Types Of Jeetwin Cashback Bonuses

Most of the online casinos all over India may offer certain cashback bonuses to their customers. But, at Jeetwin there is a special offer for you. There is a new type of bonus available at Jeetwin for claiming cashback bonuses. Let’s have complete detail about it. 

Masti Monday Bonus

In this bonus, as it says, every Monday, players are going to have a maximum 10% cashback bonus on various games of slots, e-games, live table, and live casino you played in the previous week. The cashback amount depends on the total amount you lost in a particular period. However, this offer is valid for loyal depositing players only. This cashback bonus ranges from 1.5% to 10% and you can get up to INR 10,00,000 (Minimum INR 75) on playing according to the rules of this bonus scheme. The cashback is different for customers belonging to different tiers like bronze, pearl, silver, etc.

Sports Cashback Bonus

Jeetwin also comes with sports cashback offers. Once you register with Jeetwin and bet on any sporting event, you can be eligible for a cashback. It is a weekly cashback of minimum INR 75 to INR 15,000 (at 5% bonus) credited every Monday. Turnover is set at 1x. 

Rules To Keep In Mind When Claiming Cashback Bonuses

Every game has its own sets of rules, and so does a casino have too. Before claiming cashback bonuses at Jeetwin, you must be well aware of all the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions. Just go through the following rules carefully and enjoy your bonus very soon.

  • Remember only one player is allowed from one account for claiming cashback bonuses.
  • These cashback bonus promotions are held every week and are restarted every Sunday at 9:30 PM IST. The sports cashback restarts each Monday (12:00 AM IST).
  • On claiming cashback bonus, the cashback will be credited automatically on every Monday of the week at midnight IST. The sports cashback gets automatically credited each Monday (12:00 PM IST).
  • Every bonus has a certain expiry period, so check carefully the time duration at which your cashback bonus is going to expire.
  • You must have a turnover of at least 1x to be eligible for Jeetwin cashback bonus.
  • For being eligible to claim Masti Monday Cashback Bonus at Jeetwin, you need to have an overall net win negative on that respective week.
  • If players are found handling multiple accounts or using unfair practices for claiming bonuses, then their account would be banned forever by the Jeetwin and they wouldn’t be eligible for any bonus or rewards. Apart from that, the left amount would be fortified too.
  • You have to accept all the terms and conditions of Jeetwin to claim a cashback bonus. The company has the right to dissolve, cancel, alter, or modify any promotion at any time.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Casino Cashback Bonuses?

Well, this is the time to discover the benefits of cashback bonuses you are going to have while claiming cashback bonuses. Here are some advantages:

  • Owing to Jeetwin bonus, players are always in a win-win condition, as if you lose a set amount of money in a given time frame, then you can have some amount back in your pocket.
  • Jeetwin online casino cashback offers are an exciting way for players to keep themselves always motivated and encouraged towards their gambling passion.
  • Cashbacks are a good way of recovering the losses.
  • As compared to reward points or land-based casinos offering hotel stays and heavy dinners, cashback bonuses are much beneficial as these are going to reward you with some real money in your hands.
  • These are like a sweet return gift policy of your favorite casino towards your loyalty and gambling passion. 
  • This is a sweet tactic used by casinos to keep their loyal customers always connected to themselves.

It’s wonderful that Jeetwin online casino gives out such lucrative cashback bonus offers to its loyal customers. It makes Jeetwin an even more special casino in India.