Jeetwin Loyalty Programs – Jeet Privilege

Loyalty programs are not new, JeetWin online Casino offers a Loyalty program called “Jeet Privilege” in which members enjoy special benefits of tier and rewards as loyal members. In casinos, it is a way to encourage the player to play more at the casino by rewarding him for everything he wagers, whether it turns out to be a loss or a win. Jeetwin Loyalty programs provide various rewards or points and allow the player to cash out the points.

These privilege programs help the casinos create a greater user base and hold the current players. The casinos providing the best offers attract more players thus getting an edge in the casino market. You just have to take care that you are choosing the right casino which actually rewards you for being a privileged member, rather than ripping you off your money.

What Are Jeetwin Loyalty Programs?

Just like most casinos, Jeetwin also provides its customers with loyalty rewards. The Jeet privilege program allows players to get loyalty points for their bets. Later you can use these points in the form of a cash prize. Also, some exclusive jeet privilege rewards are given to the customers, thus making them special. Jeetwin loyalty programs help you grow more with the amount you spend in the casino and actively play games.

In a sense, the casino is thanking its players for spending their precious time and choosing them over others. There are various tiers for the Jeetwin loyalty program which decides what the players will get as rewards. The tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Pearl, Ruby, and Kohinoor. Jeetwin loyalty points are the most common rewards among the VIP players. Also, other rewards include faster withdrawal services, better customer support, more free spins or lucky draws, cashback, and even holiday trips. So choose your tier and start getting the benefits of being a privileged member of the casino.

Why Should You Join the Jeet Privilege Program?

Jeetwin Loyalty programs are providing you rewards or points for the everyday games that you are playing at the casino. That’s the biggest reason why you should join the program. Thus, depending upon your tier or level in the program. Also, you may be reward anything like loyalty points, free spins, or vacation trips. Various casinos are providing attractive rewards to lure players to play at their casinos. It’s totally up to you to choose your favorite casino and the tier for the loyalty programs.

Before joining a casino you should know what offers the casino is providing and at what terms. Slots fans will really love these programs as these will provide them with free spins which can make you win big if you are lucky enough. Even though these spins will be on specific days, they will be worth the wait. Jeet privilege program includes rewards such as loyalty points, faster withdrawals, VIP customer support, free spins, and early cashback and vacation trips spread over six different tiers. Join a tier to avail the best of Jeetwin loyalty programs rewards.

How Jeetwin Loyalty Rewards Works?

The key reward in Jeetwin loyalty programs is loyalty points. You will get loyalty points after you have joined the loyalty program for each real money bet you will be making. The loyalty points will differ according to the games that you choose. At Jeetwin you get 1 loyalty point for making a wager of 50 INR at slots or e-games, 100 INR at table games, and 200 INR at live dealer casino games. Therefore, these points can be redeemed as cash in the casino in an interval of 500 INR which will be added to your casino balance. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is INR 500. The points will give you more cash in higher tiers such as the ruby and Kohinoor tiers. Once you are in the jeet privilege tier, you can start looking forward to move up the ladder. 

Different Types Of Casino Loyalty Programmes

The loyalty program or a VIP program is the term interchangeably by a casino to reference the loyalty program. A loyalty program is available for all the customers whereas if a VIP program exists in a casino it will provide the members with various benefits. A VIP program may be invite-only or anyone can join based on the casino. Both programs offer various rewards depending on their membership. At Jeetwin VIP program and loyalty programs are the same. Jeetwin privilege tier is the deciding factor for your rewards. Based on your tiers you may get higher loyalty points on your spends or more free spins. There are six Jeetwin privilege tiers namely bronze, silver, gold, pearl, ruby, and Kohinoor. Kohinoor being the highest tier gets you the best Jeetwin privilege rewards.

Get to know what are the various benefits of Jeetwin privilege tier and how to reach them below:

  • Bronze tier: It is the lowest tier in the Jeetwin loyalty program. All Players automatically added to this tier when they make their first deposit by gifting them 2500 loyalty points (LP). Players are not required to keep a minimum loyalty points balance to be in this tier. You cannot convert your points to cash in this tier.
  • Silver-tier: To reach this tier you will need 25000 loyalty points and monthly 10000 LP to be in the tier. The rewards include a 15% bonus LP and you can cash out the points. 100LP will make 2 INR of cash.
  • Gold tier: points required to reach this tier are .1,50,000 and monthly 13,000 LP to be in the tier. 100 LP here are 2.5 INR in cash and rewards include 25% bonus LP.
  • Pearl tier: points required to reach this tier are 3,00,000 and the monthly requirement is 18,000 to be in this tier. The bonus LP is increased to 35% and 100 LP are 3.33 INR. Other rewards include fast withdrawals, exclusive support number, and VIP lucky draw.
  • Ruby tier: points required to reach this tier are 5,00,000 and 25,000 LP are required every month to be in the tier. The bonus is increased to 45% and 100 LP is 5 INR in this tier. Added benefits in this tier are exclusive VIP support managers and early cashbacks.
  • Kohinoor tier: this is the highest tier in the Jeetwin loyalty program. Points required to reach this tier are 7,75,000 and monthly 35,000 points are required. Bonus is increased to 60% and 100LP is 10 INR. All benefits of the ruby tier are available in this tier and the added reward is a holiday trip.

FAQ of Jeetwin loyalty programs

1. How  to join the Jeet privilege program?

Ans. To join the program, you just need to sign up in Jeetwin and make your initial deposit. You will receive 2500 loyalty points which makes you a part of the bronze tier. Here onwards you can start earning more points and reach a higher tier to gain more rewards. Existing players are already in the program, they don’t have to do anything additionally.

2. What is the benefit of a loyalty point and how do I use it?

Ans. You can earn loyalty points when you bet in the casino games. These points can be redeemed as cash which will be available in your casino account and can be used to play more. You can even get your own support manager, lucky draw, or customized vacations. However, all of these will only be applicable at higher tiers. 

If you are fond of casino games and want to rise as a high roller in the casino, then going through the Jeetwin loyalty programs seems like a fair place to start. It can bring merit to your status as a generous player and also, help you get high privileges in the form of gifts.